8 Space Savers That Makes Small Apartment Living Great

In America, the average rental apartment size is 882 square feet. And when it comes to studios, the average size is almost half that at 472 square feet. Some people might be lucky to live in a spacious apartment, but the reality is, most aren’t. And even if you do have a big property to live in, you’ll eventually run out of space, especially in commonly used areas like the living room. If you live in a small apartment, then you need to utilize every square inch you can. Here are 8 space savers that can help you out.


1. Floating Side Shelves

If you take a look around at your apartment, there’s probably a lot of empty wall space and not enough floor space. Take advantage of your walls by installing floating side shelves.

In the bedroom, this can be especially helpful. If your bed’s taking up all the floor space and you have no room for a nightstand, simply install floating side shelves so you still have somewhere to store remotes, glasses, candles, and more.

Another perk of floating side shelves is that they can get rid of the sad empty space on your walls. They’ll create points of interest in your rooms so they look more cozy and comfortable.

8 Space Savers That Makes Small Apartment Living Great


2. Fold-Out Dining Table

Do you currently have a large dining table taking up a considerable amount of room? If you don’t entertain much, then this can be a big waste of space.

Do yourself a favor and get a fold-out dining table. There are several different types, ranging from small tables that extend out, to ones that fit neatly into an existing counter.

Whatever you get, you’ll free up a lot of space in your dining room. And you can do this without sacrificing on your ability to have people over for dinner, as your table will fold out for maximum capacity.

3. Over-the-Toilet Rack

Cramped bathrooms can be a pain. You need your toiletries, yet there’s nowhere to store them.

So every time you need a new roll of toilet paper or fresh towels, you have to go get them out of the closet and bring them to your bathroom. And if you forget to do that before you shower or use the bathroom, then you’re just out of luck.

Thankfully, there’s a way to change all that. All you have to do is purchase an over-the-toilet rack! Many of these come with multiple shelves as well, so you can fit everything you want in the bathroom.

Say goodbye to the days of running out of toilet paper at the most inopportune moments!


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4. Murphy Beds

We spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping, but for the rest of that time, we’re up and around. For most people, there’s a huge bed in the way for 16 hours of the day!

Why not do something about it and get it out of sight, out of mind so you free up some space? You’ll be able to do that with a Murphy bed, such as one from Wilding Wallbeds.

At night, these fold out to be a full bed that you can sleep comfortably on. Then, when you wake up, simply fold the bed into the cabinet and get a beautiful piece of furniture. Not only is the bed out of the way, but you’ll also have a nice piece where you can put other decorations on, such as vases or pictures.


8 Space Savers That Makes Small Apartment Living Great


5. Baseboard Drawers

Do you love to cook and bake but don’t have enough space for everything you need? Then it’s about time you make some baseboard drawers!

Simply remove these and install some small drawers under your cabinets. These will allow you to store flatter items, like baking pans, muffin tins, and even some pans.

6. Closet Rods

For fashionistas, small apartments are their worst nightmares. There’s hardly any closet space, so how are you going to store your beautiful garments and accessories?

There’s a simple solution here: add more closet rods! There are tension rods you can pick up that are easy to install and don’t require any hammering.

Pick up as many as you want and go nuts in your tiny closet. You’ll add so much more usable space!


8 Space Savers That Makes Small Apartment Living Great


7. Drop Leaf Tables

Here’s another recommendation when it comes to small bedroom design if you have a little space.

Install drop leaf tables on the wall next to your bed. This can function in place of a nightstand.

And if you want to work in the bedroom, all you have to do is pop up the table to get more space. You’ll be able to fit a laptop and some papers comfortably on the table while working in bed!

8. Armrest Table

In a tiny living room, couches tend to swallow up most of the space. But considering you need somewhere comfy to watch TV and hang out on, you can’t exactly ditch the sofa.

However, if you don’t have anywhere to put a coffee table, where are you supposed to put your drinks and snacks? This is where armrest tables come in handy!

Just slide these onto the armrest of your couch and you’ll be able to place anything you want on them. An added bonus is they’ll be right next to you so you won’t have to reach very far!


DIY Couch Armrest Table 5 space savers


Use These Space Savers to Get More Room

With one or a few of these space savers, you’ll be able to free up so much room in your tiny apartment. From floating side shelves to Murphy beds, baseboard drawers, and armest tables, transform your space to get a small apartment design that you’ll enjoy and feel comfortable in.

Also, now that you know how to create room in a small space, make sure you share these tips with your friends who are also in similar situations. They’re sure to appreciate it!

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