8 Tips For Gardening Big And Small

You may not be able to spend your days in the garden like you could when you were a kid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain some semblance of a green life in your home or apartment.

To help you out, we put together 8 tips for gardening. Whether it’s on your yard, balcony, rooftop, small terrace, or in a tiny apartment with no outdoor space at all – here are 8 tips for getting it done!


8 Tips For Gardening Big And Small


1. Invest in the right potting mix

What is the point of planting if all your hard work is just going to get washed away? The potting mix should have good drainage so that water isn’t sitting stagnant on the surface of the soil. This will not only help the nutrients from your fertilizer get to the plant more quickly and effectively, it will also help prevent root rot.


8 Tips For Gardening Big And Small


2. Use grow lights if you can’t grow outdoors

Did you know that even if you live in an apartment and don’t have access to natural sunlight, your plants will grow? This is especially true if you have a south-facing window or are using grow lights. Make sure to use special light bulbs that won’t give off too much heat. The cheap fluorescent bulbs work just as well (but they do need to be replaced more often). Good places to shop for these kinds of products are at home supply stores or online.

3. Water your plants properly

The key to properly watering your plants is to make sure that you don’t waste water. It doesn’t matter if you have the luxury of a sprinkler system or not. If you aren’t using it, close those faucets and let the water just sit there.


8 Tips For Gardening Big And Small


4. Mulch your plants

Mulch adds to the beauty of each plant as well as helps to keep weeds from sprouting up around them. It also helps prevent snow from falling directly on top of your new garden and causing damage.

5. Install decking

Install decking to create a seating area that overlooks your garden. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Search for deck building companies near me to find a company that can supply and build the decking to your requirements.

6. Create something modern with your flowers

Roses can be beautiful but can also overwhelm a small space, so choose flowers that have an unusual look, such as branches of cascading petals for an inoffensive beauty that still makes a statement without being too loud.


lkm Gardening Big And Small


7. Consider a container garden

Container gardens allow you to grow plants without the fuss of digging or the need for heavy pots and stakes. This makes them perfect for small spaces and apartments where there isn’t any place to put a bigger garden.

8. Plan what you are going to grow

If you don’t have the room, then get creative and find ways to grow plants that will fill in the space but won’t take over your garden and block most of the sun. For example, hanging potted plants are very popular and are perfect for corners or kitchens where there is no natural light coming in.

Start planning your garden renovation now and it should be well underway by the springtime when you will want to be outside more.

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