8 Tips on How to Move Heavy Furniture By Yourself

Whenever you want to change furniture settings, give your interior a new look. You have to move all the furniture items from one place to another. If you didn’t take the preventive measures while moving the furniture by yourself, it would cause either breaking of your furniture or damaging the surface of your floor. 

Many people always seek Design Furniture Professional help for moving heavy furniture from one place to another. You can also do it by yourself by following the right methods. Today, we will tell you about the easy and perfect methods that will help you to move heavy furniture by yourself. 


8 Outstanding Methods For Moving Heavy Furniture 

You can use different methods for moving heavy furniture, but we will tell you the Top 8 methods that proved to be beneficial for you. By applying these methods, you can place the furniture in any area of your home, whether you have to lift it from the stairs or on the flat floor. Let’s take a look at all these methods one by one:

  • Make A Proper Plan

Whenever you want to move any heavy furniture item from one place to another. You need to analyze the space and then choose the most efficient moving track that helps you to perform this task easily. A proper plan will help you to move the furniture from one place to another more efficiently.


The Dos and Don’ts of Packing Furniture for Moving


  • Clear The Path

Always take care of the track from where you will move your furniture. Make a clear path, and then you should move your furniture items from one place to another. Remember to place the plastic liners or moving blankets on the floor to keep it safe from getting scuffs and scratches. Don’t wear slippery shoes because they will cause an accident. 

  • Disassemble Large Furniture Items

If your heavy furniture is big enough that it can’t lift up at once and can also be disassembled, you should keep it in small pieces. Take the screws and open the nut bolts safely, then keep them safe so that you will reassemble them easily. This method will help you easily take the furniture pieces from one place to another without facing any difficulty. 

  • Lift The Tall Furniture By Using the High-Low Method

A tall furniture piece is hard to carry out from one place to another. To prevent yourself from getting any injury, you should take the help of another person. Then you should carry it like that; you should lift the top of the furniture and ask your partner to carry it out from the bottom. This method will also be very beneficial when you have to take the furniture items from the stairs or any other surface of your place. 


8 Tips on How to Move Heavy Furniture By Yourself


  • Slide With The Help Of Best Equipments’

Different items are introduced day by day to help you move heavy furniture items easily. You can easily purchase these items from the market that help you move the furniture and prevent your floor from getting any kind of scratch or scuff. 

There are different items that you can get for this purpose that are listed below:

  • Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders are manufactured with different materials that offer durability as per the quality of their material. You can place them under the legs of your heavy furniture and then slide in on the floor easily. These sliders come in different shapes and sizes that you can get as per your needs. 

  • Moving Straps

You can also call them lifting straps; you have to roll up around the furniture and then take the furniture on your back. This will help you to easily move the heavy furniture from one place to another. 


8 Tips on How to Move Heavy Furniture By Yourself


  • Furniture Dollies

There are two types of furniture dollies that you can get from moving your furniture items. The first one is based on a four-wheeled square platform that can be pushed with or without a handle. The second one is based on a two-wheeled hand truck and has a small base. This will help you take your furniture vertically and is good for tall items. You have to tie the furniture items to the Dollie before you start pushing it.

  • Use Up-Down Technique For lifting Onto Stairs

To move heavy furniture from the stairs, you always need the help of another person. You should carry the furniture items by using an up-down technique. That means the person going lower on the stairs must keep the bottom part of the furniture, and the other one holds the top part. You should go very carefully and slowly by taking down or up from each step on the stairs. 

  • Wrap The Furniture In Plastic Or Soft Blanket

If you want to protect your furniture and the surface of your floor, you should wrap the heavy furniture items using a blanket. You can also get the used blankets from cheap stores or take them for rent. This will help you to keep your furniture safe from getting any breakage. Also, the floor wouldn’t get any scuff or scratch while moving the furniture on it. 

  • Remove The Items Placed Inside The Furniture

If you are going to move the furniture items used for storage purposes like cabinets, tables with drawers, etc. Then you should keep all the things out of the furniture before moving it. Because all the items placed into these storage boxes will increase the weight of the furniture. So, keep them empty and then try to get them from one place to another. 


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So, these are the top 8 incredible tips that will help you move your heavy furniture items by yourself. We hope these tricks will be beneficial for you, and you can easily move your furniture items to any corner of your home. If you still don’t understand something then you can post a comment and tell us about your problem. Our professional and experienced consultants will help you solve the problem by giving the best possible solution.

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