8 Trinkets to Welcome Your New Deskmate

Last updated on February 22nd, 2023

Wondering how to welcome your new deskmate? Once upon a time, we were new employees sweating under our collars as we were introduced to the people we would spend 8 am to 9 pm with. We were fumbling about how to go about completing our daily tasks and keeping a good standing with our workmates.

Adding to the need to perform well, staying in the good graces of everyone in a competitive environment can be stressful. Having someone to welcome and ease you into the workplace will lessen the heavy burden of being a newbie.

Fast forward, you see the same worry on the face of a new employer. It is tempting to boss newbies. Being kind can take a long way. Be that amazing senior and get your new deskmate a gift to say welcome. Don’t know how to make a kind gesture? Here are the 8 trinkets to welcome your new deskmate.


Welcome Your New Deskmate


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1.   An Organizer

A work desk can easily be a battleground and worst, a junkyard. Help your new workmate keep things in order by offering space in the office storage cabinets. Office storage cabinets prevent clutter by housing files and personal items.

Storage comes in different shapes and sizes. Clear space for the newbie or direct your new deskmate to the storage cabinets. Storage cabinets are built differently and can store bounded folders, heavy record books, and bulkier office equipment.

By offering an office storage cabinet to the new employee, you welcome them by letting them feel that they have room within the company and that they are part of the team.

2.   Office supplies

You cannot have too many ball pens. You would be amazed to find out that even in an office, you still manage to not have a good pen when you need it. There are also times that workmates argue over a stapler or a missing pair of scissors.

Office supplies come in many shapes and sizes. As a senior in work, you would know which supply runs out quickly and which is a must. You could give pens, Blu-tack, glue tape, whiteboard markers, clips, and refill inks.

Gift colorful. Vibrant highlighters make reading through long paragraphs much less mundane. You could have pens personalized or give stickers with characters or names of the employee.


8 Trinkets to Welcome Your New Deskmate

3.   Bob the Plant

Green is a relaxing color for the eyes. Since there is not much green in an office, having a plant to look at would be refreshing. Being around and constantly seeing plants helps people feel relaxed and calm, decreasing anxiety levels.

Plants boost your productivity and creativity. The small desk plants can even double as ‘friends’. Plants are good listeners and have more personality than you think. Also, office greenery can replenish the capacity for attention and focus.

A pothos may be the best cubicle mate. Plants you could give are bromeliads, ivy, succulents, Bacularis, snake plant, also, ZZ plants, and many more.

4.   A Chair Pillow

Sitting for long hours can cause different health problems ranging from chronic health problems to neck pain and back pain. Extended periods on a chair with the back rounded forward, leaning too far back, or slumped to one side stresses parts of the spine.

Back and neck pain is a common problem for many desk workers who spend plenty of time on a chair. Not all businesses provide appropriate or comfortable chairs.

You can get the new employee a lumbar pillow or a small back pillow for the upcoming overtime. A lumbar pillow is of firm foam that sits in the small of the back. It provides relief and management of low back pain.


kml Welcome Your New Deskmate


5.   A Toy

Research shows that fiddling with tiny distractions like a ballpoint pen, a slinky, or a stress ball, helps you think more clearly and stay focused. According to studies, embodied cognition maps the connection between body movement and cognitive function.

Fiddling with small objects will help improve focus, ease anxiety, and boost creative thinking. Rolling smooth objects back and forth, for example, can induce a mini-meditative state that keeps the mind alert.

Also, reshaping or molding any rubbery material can help keep the mind stimulated while focusing on other tasks. Rubik’s cube, Newton’s Cradle, stress balls, and other toys are great stress relievers, a welcome distraction during downtime, and could even be conversation starters.

6.   A List of the Best Take-out Places

Sometimes lunch break is brushed aside with the pilling deadlines. Some employees pack lunch to eat at their desks or in break rooms to save time walking to the cafeteria or the nearest food court.

Takeaway has also been popular. You would not need to stand. Scroll through the plenty of food menu, choose, and wait for the delivery man. With all the food options, it can still be a chore.

The new employee would benefit from a list of places to get affordable and good-tasting food. It would be easy to track a certain restaurant or catering for specific dishes or diet-sensitive choices.


Welcome Your New Deskmate


7.   A Cup and Caffeine

Caffeine is the language of all office workers. It is the fuel that keeps an employee up and running. Caffeine, in a 75-mg dose, increases attention and alertness, and a serving of 160 to 600 mg may improve mental alertness, speed reasoning, and memory.

You can gift the newbie with coffee or tea paired with a mug or a water bottle. Dual-wall insulated bottles can keep beverages warm or cold for a specific period.

A water bottle is an excellent gift too. Water improves brain function and reduces stress. Help the new employee stay hydrated. There are thermos bottles that could keep water cold or warm for a specific time.

8.   Treats and sweets

Sugar makes people happy. Sweets can provide an immediate burst of energy and is an instant mood boost. Sugar triggers the brain’s reward: the neurotransmitter, dopamine. Natural sugars like those found in honey, maple syrup, and fruit, can also boost brain health.

Chocolate is a source of natural sugar, but each bite provides a surge of antioxidants along with cocoa flavanols. These flavanols can improve cognitive function. Also, sweets aid in storing energy for later.


Welcome Your New Deskmate


Be kind

Being kind can cost you sometimes, but it pays to be kind. It speaks a lot about your character to show kindness when you might not have received it in the past. It develops goodness without waiting for something in return.


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