9 HVAC Problems Homeowners May Experience

87 percent of homes in the US have air conditioning equipment.

The essence of the HVAC equipment is to enhance comfort by regulating the temperatures. That’s why it’s a nightmare to live in a house with a broken HVAC. Most Americans feel air conditioning breaking down is inevitable, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.

Yet, there is if you understand the common causes of HVAC breakdown.

Read on to discover 9 HVAC problems homeowners may experience and how to handle them.


1. Dirty Filters

With time dust and dirt particles will build up on the HVAC’s filters leading to poor air circulation. If you don’t clean the dirty filters, the cold air will build to ice leading to more severe HVAC issues. And you may be forced to spend a fortune on HVAC repairs to overcome these issues.

The good news is that dirty filters are one of the easiest HVAC issues to fix. All you need is to change the HVAC’s filters regularly. Hire a professional HVAC company to avoid causing more problems when changing the filters.

You want to find a highly reputable company that offers top-class HVAC maintenance services at fair rates.


removing air HVAC Problems


2. Thermostat Problems

The other common HVAC problem that homeowners face is thermostat malfunctions. When this happens, the thermostat doesn’t reach the temperate you set. To overcome this problem, reread the thermostat manual to learn how to set it.

Besides, consider getting new thermostat batteries. The reason is that as batteries drain, the thermostat starts malfunctioning. Finally, consider that your thermostat is too old and it’s time to replace it.

And to mitigate more thermostat problems, get a modern, programmable thermostat.

3. Too Loud Furnace Noises

Although it’s normal for the furnace to generate noise, watch out for it when it gets too loud. Besides, the furnace may make uncommon weird noises, and it sound likes it’s squealing or whining. When you notice these signs, know that there’s a problem with the furnace.

The biggest challenge is pinpointing what causes the loud or weird furnace noises. So, to overcome this challenge reach out to the top HVAC servicing and maintenance company. You want to find AC experts who’ll inspect the furnace and advise you what’s causing it to make loud or squealing noises.

These experts will also guide you on what to do to overcome this furnace problem.

4. Water Leaks

It’s rational to worry when you find a puddle of water near your home HVAC system. For one, you don’t understand where the water comes from. And also, you don’t expect any water leaks from your HVAC unit.

Understand clogged drain line is one of the leading causes of HVAC water leaks. If you fail to address the leaks fast, it may lead to beyond repair HVAC damages. That’s why you should turn off the HVAC immediately you notice the water leaks.

Next, contact a licensed HVAC specialist to come to your home and fix this problem.


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5. Tripping Circuit Breakers

Do you keep resetting the HVAC unit’s circuit breaker? Then this is a sign of an HVAC problem. Most likely, the HVAC system is overworking, or there is a damaged part.

The only way to know for sure the cause of HVAC breaker tripping is by contacting an expert. So, look for tips for finding the top HVAC installation and maintenance. You want to get a lasting solution for this HVAC problem.

6. Dirty Ductwork

Many homeowners often forget to clean their HVAC ducts, leading to a high accumulation of dirt. The dirt on the ductwork leads to overheating, and the HVAC starts malfunctioning. That’s why you should regularly clean the AC’s ducts to prevent this problem.

If you find it hard to regularly do this work yourself, hire a professional HVAC maintenance specialist.

7. Ignition Failure

The other common HVAC problem homeowners face is furnace ignition failure. When this happens, most people tend to panic as they’ve no idea what to do. They assume that the entire HVAC system is broken and fear they’ll have to buy a new one.

However, instead of making assumptions learn more about what causes ignition failure. Sometimes simple things such as cleaning the ignition sensor will help you overcome these challenges. If this doesn’t work, consider calling an HVAC expert for help.


9 HVAC Problems Homeowners May Experience


8. Mechanical Wear and Tear

With time it’s normal for various HVAC parts to wear and tear. When this happens, the HVAC starts malfunctioning; for instance, it starts overheating. Although you cannot prevent mechanical wear and tear, there are things you can do to prolong the lifespan of various HVAC parts.

So, invest in regular HVAC maintenance to keep the system running effectively for a long time. Also, know when to replace different HVAC parts to ensure they don’t undermine the efficiency of the entire system.

9. Frozen Evaporator

With time, ice may build up on the evaporator’s coil leading to cooling problems. To overcome this problem, turn on the fan to blow warm air over the accumulated ice. You want to melt this ice and overcome the frozen evaporator problem.

If this doesn’t work, reach out to an HVAC company for professional help.


Enhance Home Comfort by Learning How to Manage Common HVAC Problems

To improve comfort in your home, you must learn how to mitigate the above HVAC problems. You want to learn the common causes of these problems and how to avoid them. Also, you want to know the HVAC problems you can fix yourself and when to call an expert.

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