9 Rolex Watches That Will Make Every Wearer Shine

Hans Wilsdorf, Rolex’s maker, was one of a kind when he created his company’s logo a crown and it has been the king of watchmakers for over a hundred. The tremendous brand value is due relation to the fact that it offers very little away, which contributes to its quirkiness. It consistently comes out on top in polls amazingly in the United Kingdom, and it is included in Forbes’ list of the world’s most influential companies. When asked to label a luxury watch, the majority of people would say Rolex watches.

Rolex is Rolex since it creates unrivaled goods, not just because of advertisements. People adore the idea that many iconic versions were created for real, creative objectives rather than just to appear cool and nice. Now, here are the most recommended watches from the brand that you can add to your collection.


Rolex Watches


  •  Cellini Time

The Cellini Time, like an intelligent man about town, does not draw attention to itself. Its elegance is appreciated by all in the field. It is available in four different models, each with a white or black dial, a 39 mm shell, and either 18-carat Everose or white gold. In the Baselworld 2019, a new Cellini timepiece was unveiled with a double ring bezel made in a single piece, comprising of an inner ring set with 96 diamonds and a fine fluted outer ring. It’s a dazzling and stylish update to a classic. A minute track has been shifted closer to the middle of the dial and the tips of the fingertips, to separate the appliqued hour markers. The Rolex Cellini price points from about $7,000 for a pre-owned version to more than $20,000 for this model.

  • GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’

Even if the idea occurs only in principle right now, a GMT Rolex is the perfect traveler’s watch. It was given the nickname “Pepsi” when it was first introduced in 1955 with the classic red and white 24-hour scale on the bezel, and in 1983, a red and black ‘Coke’ was released.  A state-of-the-art trend and a dressier ‘jubilee’ bracelet have been added to the latest steel edition. Aside from that, the style hasn’t modified much in 60 years, so you can classify it as timeless rather than retro. The latest model costs around $10,605 right now.

  • Sky-Dweller

The Sky-Dweller is a one-of-a-kind declaration timepiece. It has an annual calendar and dual-time features, making it the most complicated watch from the brand. Originally only available on a leather band or an Oyster bracelet, an Oysterflex bracelet, Rolex’s proprietary super-comfy style made of a nickel alloy and titanium encased in black rubber is now available. The choice of Everose gold or 18k yellow gold is also recent. An upscale traveler’s watch may not be at the top of everyone’s wish list at this moment, but it’s a beautiful piece of gear to lust after no matter what time zone you’re stuck in.

  •  Submariner Dive Watch

The original design for the mechanical dive watch that we have to know and love nowadays. This classic diver M116610LN-001 has a black bezel and a black dial, and it’s as near as you can get to the initial Fifties, Submariner. Diehards may favor the 114060, which does not have a date window, but it is this model that commands the highest price which is around $9,000.

  • Oyster Perpetual

It would be easy to overlook Rolex’s most basic product in a lineup dominated by headliner watches like the Explorer, Submariner, and Daytona. But if you only had one watch to wear with every dress and in every circumstance for the entire life, it’d be it. It’s recognizable without being conspicuous. Even though it has been around for decades, the Oyster Perpetual was updated in 2015 with a run of hand-finished dials in dark rhodium, grape red, and blue, an oyster bracelet, and a new 39 mm case up from 36 mm.

  •  Cosmograph Daytona

Although a classic Daytona would be fantastic, as it’s Paul Newman’s 1968 model that is still the most expensive timepiece ever sold at auction, fetching $17.8 million in 2017, if you’re searching for the most sophisticated chronograph the brand has ever made, this recent version is a great mix of old and new. Everybody enjoys this watch because of the hype and the past.

  •  Submariner Date Oystersteel

This Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date features broad luminescent hour markers and a green cerachrom bezel in Oyster steel. The Rolex Hulk, if you like. When it was first released in 2010, it instantly piqued the interest of watch enthusiasts. The green isn’t just eye-catching and tantalizing; it’s also fluid, changing from bright to dark green depending on the sun.

  •  Datejust 36

Arguably the most famous model from the brand. It was first published in 1945 to commemorate the watchmaker’s 40th anniversary, and it also served as the launchpad for a new type of bracelet, the now-iconic “jubilee.” The name originates from one of Rolex’s signature neologisms, the date shifts just before midnight, and it was the initial timepiece with an instantly changing date.

  •  Submariner (2020)

The Sky-Dweller was Rolex’s most recent new concept which was unveiled in 2012. There was the Sea-Dweller (1971) and the Yachtmaster (1992) before that. The brand’s business model appears to be gradual changes to the current watch series, which seems to be successful for them. It illustrates why the announcement of a retooled Submariner, undoubtedly Rolex’s most legendary design, was among the most anticipated watch reveals of last year, even though any upgrades, the first since 2008, would require a microscope and a degree in horology. Within, you’ll find a new caliber (the 3230), a nearly 50% rise in the battery pack of up to 70 hours, and the most up-to-date escapement. 


In A Nutshell

Rolex sports models, which have long been recognized by adventurers, explorers, and celebrities, are especially popular among enthusiasts. Rolexes, more than most luxury watch company, contribute itself to being suited up and down, and the brand has perfected the skill of the style tweak: enthusiasts wax lyrical over a multicolored bezel here, or a larger crown there. All of this adds to their value and collectability, and if you’re going to invest in a watch, go for a Rolex. These watches, according to Christie’s, increase in value more quickly and consistently than any other company.


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