9 Tips For Creating A Kitchen That’s Loved By All The Family

From catching up with friends and family to helping the kids with their homework, these days the kitchen certainly isn’t just reserved for cooking and preparing food. Likewise, while you might be the main cook, you’re probably not the only one who will be using your kitchen, and so planning a space that works for all the family is key to getting the maximum use and enjoyment from your new kitchen for many years to come. We’ve put together our top tips on how to create a practical, family-orientated kitchen that’s sure to be envied by all your guests and enhance that luxury kitchen design.


Opt For A Traditional Dining Table

In the busy modern home, kitchen islands have become a popular replacement for the traditional kitchen table. However, while they do boast some fantastic practical benefits in terms of storage and worktop space, there’s no substitute for sitting at a proper table, whether to share a family meal, prep the veg, do homework or just sit with a cup of tea and a crossword. A kitchen table can instantly make a space feel more homely and welcoming as well as providing a more comfortable solution to family dining and entertaining.


Picture 1 Creating A Kitchen


Bar Stools & Plug Sockets

While we undeniably favor the kitchen table when it comes to creating a practical and inviting family kitchen, bar stool seating at a kitchen island can offer a great informal spot to perch. Including plug sockets is a must if you’re going to quell the petitions of your hungry teenagers. A stylish breakfast bar can also come in handy for hosting a relaxed catch-up over a cup of coffee or something stronger.

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Socialize While You Cook

Combining island seating with a downdraft venting hob is a fantastic opportunity to maximize the versatility of your kitchen. Rather than hiding away on your own while you prepare a delicious meal, including seating next to your hob allows you to chat and socialize with family and friends while you cook.


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Worktop Space For Everyone

Ever heard the phrase, too many cooks spoil the broth? Well, with an ingeniously designed kitchen layout, that won’t be the case. Cooking with your family is a great way to get kids engaged with food, and after a bit of practice, you might even find that dinner reaches the table sooner than usual.

In the kitchen below, the spacious island provides plenty of room for more than one cook, while positioning tea-making facilities at one end of the worktop allows other family members to prepare a drink or a snack without getting in your way.


Picture 1.jpgdvf Creating A Kitchen


A Kitchen With A View

Whether you’re cooking on your own or with family, there’s one thing that will certainly make the prospect of preparing dinner in the evening much more appealing, and that’s looking out onto a beautiful view like the one below. Of course, we can’t all be fortunate enough to enjoy quite such an idyllic vista.

However, allowing plenty of natural light into your space will undoubtedly create a wonderful, bright, and inviting atmosphere, and all the better if you can look out into a lovely garden.


Picture 1.jdcsfewpg Creating A Kitchen


A Luxurious Wine Cooler

One for the grown-ups; including a luxurious wine cooler in your new kitchen will bring a gorgeous, refined touch to your space. Providing handy access while looking sleek and sophisticated, a wine cooler is an ideal addition to hosting and entertaining. As well as impressing your guests and providing you with a wonderful weekend treat, a wine cooler can help you find more room in your fridge for family supplies.


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Don’t Scrimp On Fridge Freezer Space

When it comes to feeding a large family, we know how precious fridge and freezer space can be. However, you shouldn’t feel confined to stick with a basic double fridge freezer model. While spacious American-style fridge freezers are a popular choice, why not also consider opting for a separate built-in design?

If you’re concerned about wasting cupboard space, you can always store some of the jars and condiments you might normally keep at ambient temperature in your fridge, freeing up space elsewhere.


def Creating A Kitchen


A Snack Or Breakfast Pantry

Keeping countertop appliances neatly tucked away out of sight will leave you with the effortlessly sleek, uncluttered, and minimal kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of. And what’s more, creating a pantry complete with everything you need to get breakfast in a hurry is an ingenious and fun way to speed up the school run.


Picturxdszce 1 Creating A Kitchen


A Boiling Water Tap

Another kitchen feature loved by all the family is the ingenious boiling water tap. High-quality boiling water taps, for example, those manufactured by Quooker, include fantastic safety features, making them much easier and safer to use than a normal kettle.

Producing boiling water on demand, a boiling water tap is quick and convenient whether cooking or preparing hot drinks and can even waste less water. When you include a boiling water tap in your new kitchen, you honestly won’t know how you ever coped without one!

re45 Creating A Kitchen


Your kitchen is the heart of your home and the focal point of family life. And there is a myriad of ways that you can elevate your space to create a wonderful environment for every occasion, from relaxing and celebrating to working and cooking.

If you’d like to put any of our great tips into action, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local independent kitchen retailer. They will utilize their specialist expertise to help you achieve the perfect kitchen that complements your individual home and lifestyle.

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