9 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home In 2022

Is your home starting to feel just a little drab? Do you find yourself looking around each morning and feeling uninspired? Well, don’t worry; you’re not alone, and this is a pretty common feeling. After a while, our routines can start to bore us, and the environment that once made us feel comforted and safe is now stifling and frustrating. When this happens, you’d be amazed what a difference just some small changes can make, and these are just a few of those changes. Here are 9 ways to spruce up your home in 2022.


1. Rework your kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important areas, if not the most important area, in your home. You’ll be doing all of your cooking and potentially eating a lot of your meals in this room, so if it’s feeling run-down and drab, that’s a good place to start.

You could go small and opt for some replacement kitchen doors to spice up your kitchen’s look, or you could supersize and replace the whole unit. Either way, your kitchen could be a good place to begin your home renovation journey.


9 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home In 2022


2. Put up new artwork

If you’re not already displaying artwork around your home, then now would be a good time to start. Artwork can totally transform a space from drab to exciting; if you pick art that complements your room’s color scheme and enhances the overall aesthetic, that’s even better.

If you already have artwork displayed, then try changing it around. Even moving art to a different room can have a transformative effect; you might not need to buy any new pieces if you do this.

3. Change your paint or wallpaper

Sometimes, the reason you grow tired of your home is that the color scheme is starting to get boring and old. When this happens, you should think about changing up the color scheme or re-wallpapering.

While this is a fairly significant operation, the benefits will be enormous; your room will almost certainly look completely different when you change the decor, and if you pick a color or design that’s the polar opposite of the one you have now, the effect will be even more pronounced.


9 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home In 2022


4. Fill your home with new smells

The smell of your home has more of an effect than you might imagine. If your home doesn’t have enticing smells filling its rooms and halls, then it’s no wonder you’re growing tired of it.

Air fresheners are a good start; pick scents you like and try to fill each area with a different one. You can also pick up a coffee machine or even a French press and simply make coffee each morning, which will fill your home with the delicious aroma of freshly-brewed coffee.

5. Increase natural light

If you can, it’s a good idea to fill your home with as much natural light as possible. That means not relying on artificial light to illuminate your space; open curtains and let as much light in from windows as possible.

If you’re currently using blackout blinds, consider ditching them in favor of something that helps the light come through a little more effectively (if it won’t be inconvenient for you in terms of visibility, of course). Natural light is generally considered to be superior to artificial light for well-being.


9 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home In 2022


6. Add plants and flowers

Considering how simple it is to add a few plants and flowers to your home, the effect can be astonishing. Not only do plants have a pronounced effect on our physical and mental wellbeing, but they also add a great ambiance to any room.

If you don’t think you have the time to take care of demanding plants or flowers, then you may wish to pick succulents like cacti, which don’t take much care at all but which can still have a huge effect on your home.

7. Pick up furniture second-hand

This is a good, cheap way to improve your home. By searching for appealing furniture pieces in second-hand shops like charity shops, you’re not only potentially finding great furniture at low prices, but you’re also creating an aesthetic.

The “deliberately mismatched” look can contribute to a sense of homeliness and comfort, so if you’re looking to make your home feel more like a home, then this can be a great way to do so. This goes for accouterments and accessories too.


9 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home In 2022


8. Increase the space

Sometimes, living amongst clutter can seriously impact your mood. If you’ve got lots of stuff lying around that you’re not using, then it’s a good idea to prioritize getting rid of it; either selling it, recycling it, or giving it away to friends can all be good ways to reduce clutter and increase the space in your home.

By having more space to move around in, you’ll potentially decrease any anxiety you have while you’re at home by a significant amount, so it’s worth doing.

9. Don’t neglect bookshelves

Bookshelves are one of the most underrated and useful accessories you can have in your home. If you’re a great reader, be sure to organize and proudly display your books prominently in your home; a good book collection speaks volumes (no pun intended) of its owner.

If you don’t read much, that’s no reason not to get a bookshelf; you can still use it to display all kinds of ornaments and other tchotchkes, thus communicating your personality and giving you something to look at while you’re just hanging out.


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