9 Ways to Use Wallpaper in a Living Room

HD Wallpaper is a powerful tool that packs an enormous visual impact. It’s available in various colors, patterns, and textures. Depending on the design you select, it could be strong and striking or soft and delicate. The best thing about a wallpaper is that it can be utilized in various ways. If you’re considering incorporating wallpaper but don’t know which way to go, think about one of these suggestions.


Cover the Walls

The most common use for Wallpaper is that it covers all walls of a room. The secret to making it effective is to forget the memory of the extravagant wallpapers of the 1970s and the delicate floral designs of the 1980s and look at them in terms of modern patterns, colors, and designs.

An eye-catching graphic wallpaper can be stunning and cover all walls in certain areas. However, simple patterns or textures can bring a sense of attraction to other spaces.


9 Ways to Use Wallpaper in a Living Room


Cover Half the Wall

Incorporating the upper or lower half of a wall is an excellent option to achieve the desired appearance without too much space. (Ideally, you should separate the papered and non-papered parts using architectural molding, such as chair rails.) This style was popular, yet it frequently occurs in rooms with a tendency towards traditional designs.

The most well-known method involves covering the upper portion of the wall with Wallpaper and then having panels on the bottom. It’s a timeless design that is never going out of fashion.

Install Two Papers on One Wall

An exciting and striking design is to cover the top part of a wall using one type of paper and the bottom with another (Again, dividing them with a chair rail is recommended). It’s a challenging look to pull off, but if executed correctly, it will look stunning. If you’re looking for something striking, think about patterns with contrast like stripes and toile or damask and chevron with solid hues.

For a more subtle look, consider tone-on-tone patterns that are simple and in a similar style. Because this is a striking style, you should be careful about what colors and patterns you choose to put in your space. Each pattern should work together rather than compete against each other.


 9 Ways to Use Wallpaper in a Living Room


Create a Feature Wall

Wallpapered walls with a feature are an excellent option to make or improve an established focal area. It draws attention to the wall and creates an impressive feature. With wallpapers, you can go with a striking style or a subtle look to ensure there’s no conflict with another focal point within the space (When you have more than one focal spot, the eyes get confused, which creates a sense that there’s chaos).

Consider putting Wallpaper behind your TV, fireplace, or any other location your eye naturally draws to.

Wallpaper the Ceiling

It is common for people to forget to search for. The ceilings are typically painted in plain white and then left in place until a crack or leak must be addressed. However, the ceiling, or the fifth wall, as some refer to it, can be a great place to play around with wallpapers and make a distinctive appearance.

Considering this option, it’s a good idea to take it to the extreme and select something strikingly attractive or striking. Don’t be tempted to settle for something that isn’t obvious. This isn’t an excellent DIY project because the installation is awkward, and you need to ensure the installation doesn’t crack or bubble.

Decoupage Furniture

If you’re looking to repurpose an old piece of furniture or give a touch of style to something boring, think about applying Wallpaper to a part of your furniture. This is particularly effective on pieces with straight lines and basic silhouettes (not excessive curves), for example, console tables or chests of drawers.

Tables. Be aware that the Wallpaper doesn’t have to be pattern-based. Sometimes, a wallpaper with a texture like a seagrass provides just enough interest.


9 Ways to Use Wallpaper in a Living Room

Decorate the Inside of a Bookcase

An open bookcase can be an ideal place to add some flair by covering it with Wallpaper. Instead of leaving the backs of open shelves, you can decorate them with a beautiful design that matches your room.

One way is to cut sections of foam suitable for every nook and then put the pattern directly on the shelves. This way, you don’t apply Wallpaper directly onto furniture, and you’ll be able easily to remove it if you’re bored with the pattern.

Hang Wallpaper as Art

If you’d like a unique wallpaper but don’t have the money to invest in an extensive project, think about framing a small sample and then hanging it in the room. This is an excellent method to integrate the pattern without the hassle or cost of traditional software.

Another option can be to put up a large piece of wood and attach dowels at each end to create a design that appears like a long scroll. These kinds of wall hangings are stunning and require only a little effort.

Wallpaper a Lampshade

If you own a plain lamp shade and would like to add a bit of sparkle (or damaged lampshade that you want to save), applying Wallpaper is a good idea. It will instantly add a splash of color and is very simple to apply. Cut the paper to the desired size, then apply it with an adhesive spray (traditional wallpaper glue may be quite clumpy for lampshades).

Another less obvious option but still fun is to glue Wallpaper on the inside part of the shade. It’s not as effective in an impression as the outer shades; however, it’s an excellent ornamental touch.


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