A 2022 Landlord’s Guide to Residential Property Management Morley

Are you ready to create a steady and reliable income stream with your rental property? It’s not as simple as leaving money in long-term stocks! Landlords like you have to actively create opportunities to ensure a stable cash flow.

If you want to cut costs by managing it on your own instead of hiring a local property manager, we’re here to help.

In this post, you’ll learn about the basics of residential property management Morley.


A 2022 Landlord's Guide to Residential Property Management Morley


The 3 Things Property Managers Take Care Of

If you want to serve as your own property manager, you must balance these three things to be successful:

  • Tenants

Tenants are the cornerstone of the residential real estate industry. Without them renting, you may lose your investment unit. Thus, the metric for success here is the retention rates.

As your own property manager, you need to be able to handle tenant complaints. This means being proactive in addressing these issues. At the same time, you need to manage their expectations if deemed unreasonable.

Having a professional yet respectful relationship with every client will keep them from their search for another place for rent.

  • Property

Like all landlords, you carry the legal responsibility of ensuring that your Morley property is in a habitable condition. Being committed to this makes it easy to find and retain quality tenants.

Our suggestion is to hire professionals to take care of maintenance so you can avoid massive emergency repair expenses down the line. Treat real estate as a business, with your rental property as your investment.

To keep your investment profitable, you should keep it attractive to potential tenants in the area.


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  • Finances

It’s not enough to have a tenant for all of your properties. You’re not truly successful as a property manager if you’re not making a profit.

As a landlord, you must treat this venture like how investors treat any investment. For example, perhaps the rent is below the commercial rates in Morley. This is a sign to raise it once the contract expires.

You may also want to focus on marketing. Browse the approach employed by property owners of comparable properties to get ideas. Understanding the market and its ins and outs will help you navigate it more successfully. Understanding the market and its ins and outs will help you navigate it more successfully.


A 2022 Landlord's Guide to Residential Property Management Morley


What Responsibilities Do the Best Property Managers Have?

If you want to be your own property manager, owners like you will have to be ready to manage various aspects of the job.

Here are the primary activities you will take care of as a one-person team:

  • Emergency repairs

If something unfortunate happens in the middle of the night, your tenant must be able to contact you right away. You should also get more details about the problem to assess and address it adequately.

Apart from living near the area, this also means accepting your phone may ring even when you’re in the middle of your vacation.


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  • Regular repairs and maintenance

As your own property manager, you’re responsible for setting a date for routine maintenance and repairs. To get better rates for every service involved, you must also build relationships with your chosen contractors.

If you can’t personally oversee all these, it’s essential to get someone who’s honest and reliable.

  • Marketing

As important as it may be to keep tenants happy, it’s more important to have tenants to keep happy. Focus on marketing if you’ve only recently purchased your first Morley investment.

Keep the property well-maintained to hold the interest of qualified clients. This will make the search for a suitable tenant easier.

A 2022 Landlord's Guide to Residential Property Management Morley


  • Tenant screening

Avoid headaches down the road by ensuring that the individual or family you’re considering is a good candidate. Apart from their willingness to pay rent, their ability to maintain the property matters just as much.

You’ll be responsible for everything—from background checks to narrowing down your options.

  • Collecting rent

You’d collect rent every month. If there are issues related to payment, you’d also be in charge of following up for collection.

If you can’t do it in person, you can opt for post-dated cheques and automated payments.


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  • Eviction

If they refuse to pay or violate the terms of service outlined in the contract, you have to start the eviction process. This involves giving them notice, paying for the associated fees, and overseeing everything.

The emotional toll of losing money on your real estate investment can be too much for some. That’s why they decide to outsource everything to property managers instead.

Automate your income with property management Morley. With experienced and reliable experts in your corner, you can enjoy all the benefits of investing in real estate with no downsides.

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