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Rock Pros Landscape Supply is a company that offers supplies for landscaping. They offer sand, flagstone, and soil to assist anyone in completing their project regardless of the size or type it may be. Their high-quality products will help you with your landscape needs no matter what they are.

Rock Pros Landscape Supply is an organization dedicated to helping people complete any kind of land project, whether large-scale construction work or small residential jobs – we have everything you need! We provide excellent materials such as sand, stone pavers and dirt from our inventory so come give us a visit today if this sounds like something up your alley.

Rock Pros Landscape Supply is sand, flagstone, and soil supplier located in Lincoln California. They provide comprehensive landscape supply services to assist anyone who needs help with their project. Whether you’re completing an extensive commercial or small residential landscaping job, Rock Pro has the materials for your use!



When people think about sand, they typically imagine the grains sifting through their fingers and sticking to them. Sand is used in many locations around a home or office such as sidewalks for walking on where some of it always manages to get into your shoe; walls that are made from plaster which have an old fashioned look with textured surface’s but no one ever thinks how much work goes into those surfaces before you can even start building out the frame-sand has infinite uses!

At Rock Pros, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality sand for a multitude of purposes. Our Mason Sand is perfect when you need to mix with plaster and concrete to make borders or access points that blend into your lawn seamlessly. Looking for something more decorative? Try our Plaster Mix which can be used on paver bases and as the finishing coat over stucco!


Selecting the right flagstone for your project has never been easier than with these five types of stone. Ebony Black is a natural, black color that will always be in style and can also blend nicely into any environment or theme you may have going on with your outdoor space. Oregon Eagle provides both an earthy brown hue as well as flecks of white throughout its surface which adds to the uniqueness and beauty of this particular type.

Quartzite comes out looking like crystals when it’s heat-treated but cooled off afterward so if you’re aiming for something elegant then look no further! Sandstone not only looks great from afar due to how smooth it goes together but up close there are all sorts of different colors within sandstones giving them loads more character.


Rock Pros Landscape Supply



Rock Pros Landscape Supply has been around for years, and we’re still going strong. Our customers rely on us for a wide assortment of soils to help them complete their landscaping projects with ease. We have sand and gravel for those who want to play in their sandbox or build an aquarium; screen topsoil that will make planting trees easier than ever before; 50/50 blend soil that’s great if you need something easy-too though not always wet enough-for your plants needs—we also offer Grower’s Blend, which is ideal when it comes time to start growing some vegetables! Rock Pros Landscapes Supply provides all kinds of different types of natural dirt mixes so our clients can customize each project.

We want to make your landscaping dreams come true. Best of all, you can do it without breaking the bank! At Rock Pros Landscape Supply, we partner with customers so that they get everything they need including beautiful plants and trees which are essential for an inviting outdoor space. We have experts on site who enjoy providing friendly guidance as well as a wide selection of quality materials at competitive prices – something other garden centers don’t offer in Lincoln.

Come visit us today to discover more about how our team will help bring out the best in you! With experienced professionals by your side every step of the way, there’s no limit to what beautification project is possible when working with Rock Pros Landscape Supplies here in Lincoln where getting supplies doesn’t mean spending a fortune!

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