A Dorm Workspace Created by You: Workspace Design Ideas


Moving into college for the first time definitely takes some adjustment; you’re living without parents, you have to adapt to a new environment, you’re meeting new people, and you could be out of your element. No matter what your dorm looks like though, an organized and comfortable workstation is most important for the development of your new study habits. Is your space versatile? Can you study and surf the web? Does your study area match the rest of your dorm?  Is your workspace separate from a relaxing space?

At this point answers to those questions should start to formulate in your mind as creating a workspace that is comfortable, functional, and organized will help you get through the school year at your new home. 


A Separate Sanctuary

Having a clear divide between work and relaxation is extremely important for many reasons. For one, studies have shown that when we use our bed for taking part in productive actions like reading, working, studying, or watching TV, our brains associate our bed with those stimulating activities, making it harder to fall asleep and have a quality and restful night of sleep. Creating a partition between work and sleep benefits both your sleep quality and work quality.

Set Up for Success 

Designing a space that you like will lead to the most success when it comes to productive and accurate work being done.  Customizing different items in your dorm can help make your room and the work you produce better. Love Desk Mats is a great way to create a workspace that is perfect for your needs.

These mats are made with soft, effortlessly cleanable neoprene that has a rubber baking that is non-skid and natural. With Love Desk Mats, you can ​​create your own custom desk mat design and add a bit of spice to your workspace. Make your workspace your own with a design that fits you by uploading your favorite picture. Any student and gamer would love to add one of these to their computer areas.



Bringing an Element of Home 

Living in a new place can be both exciting and scary. To ease some of the expected nerves that come with being a freshman, it is essential to bring some part of your room from home with you. Whether that means a childhood blanket travels with you, your favorite movie posters get hung up on the wall, or a family photo sits on your bedside table, maintaining a piece of home helps calm some of those jitters.

Make Room for the Necessities

Creating a solid workspace sanctuary requires some important necessities. First and foremost, a comfortable chair can make all the difference in the world. Sitting down for hours in a squeaky, unsupportive chair can make working or studying seem close to impossible. Finding a seat with proper support and aesthetic can even encourage you to cross more off of your to-do list.

Second, good lighting can enhance your workspace. Working in a well-lit area can help you complete more, no matter the time of day. Whether it be a desk lamp, an adjustable arm lamp, or even a light source with an outlet or charger included, productive work can be done whenever you need it to be.

Lastly, creating a good environment around your work area can help clear your mind and your space. Desk organizers for pencils, pens, scissors, notepads and anything else you need can create a clear desktop and a clear head.


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