A Guide on Choosing the Right Lock Box for Your Real Estate Property

Many real estate agents agree that lock boxes are worth the investment since they make it easier for agents to access the keys to properties they are selling. With lock boxes, they can just leave the keys on the property and be confident that they won’t get stolen. This ease of access eliminates the need to go back to the office to get the keys for certain houses or properties.

Because lock boxes contain your only access to the house or property, you must place great care in buying one. To choose the right lock box for your property, there are three things you must consider.



The complexity of a lock box can be seen in how easily it can be unlocked and locked. Portable lock boxes come in two types: manual and electronic. These types offer different ways of accessing their content. Manual lock boxes can be opened with a key or a four-digit code. Four-digit code lock boxes can be entered via a rolling display or push buttons. They are easy to use with their simple locking and unlocking mechanism, and they ensure smoother transitions during a showing or open house.

Unfortunately, because of this, they cannot guarantee your keys’ protection. If you lose the key for the lock box, you lose access to all lock boxes that use that key. Four-digit code lock boxes are prone to theft because outsiders can guess the code without limitations. For some push-button lock boxes, it doesn’t even matter what order the code is punched in. These become things you must consider if you end up showing the property to several people.

With the growth of technology and the need for better security, electronic lock boxes became available in the market as a viable alternative to manual lock boxes. By combining sophisticated software with manual access, electronic lock boxes can offer additional security. Depending on the brand, some lock boxes use software to send a verification code, which can be used alongside a key or a key card, to open the bo

Other electronic lock boxes make use of the dual lock system, which ensures protection from theft but can make it more confusing, especially when agents use more than one lock box. While this can disrupt a showing or delay an open house, it can be solved by preparing beforehand or showing up early to the property.

If you ever find yourself confused with how to open your lock box, Pro Agent Solutions offers a comprehensive guide on how to open one at https://www.proagentsolutions.com/how-to-open-a-lock-box/.


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Lock boxes are usually left outdoors. They’re typically attached to walls surrounding a home, and some are left hanging on the doorknob. Due to this placement, they are constantly exposed to the elements. This makes the material they’re made of important because they need to be able to withstand all forms of wear and tear.

The rain, snow, and other weather factors can damage certain materials if they’re not planned for. Consider the seasons you have in your area to help you narrow down what kind of materials your lock box needs to be made of. If the home you’re selling houses a family, consider the number of people going in and out of the home.

If they have children, lock boxes can be prone to falls or tampering, especially if they’re within their reach. If it’s undergoing repairs, dust, cement, and wood chips can prevent you from opening it, while power tools can easily damage it.

If the property you’re selling is open for a showing, it is also important to factor in the foot traffic it might gain. If strangers can see the lock box, ensuring they cannot decode it or tamper with it is critical to the safety of your property.


A Guide on Choosing the Right Lock Box for Your Real Estate Property


Manual lock boxes are cheaper because of their simple mechanism. Prices will range from $15 to $30, depending on the brand and store you’ll buy them from. Materials used to ensure they can withstand the elements and the size of their key carriage can add to their costs. This is because more materials will be used for larger lock boxes that can hold more keys.

Electronic lock boxes are more expensive and usually range from $35 to $100. This price range offers some software alongside their keys or four-digit codes. Prices can go higher than $100 depending on the brand, the intricacy of the software they provide, and the services they offer to ensure the security of the lock box. This will commonly include an app that you can access on your phone and the contact details of a customer service center you can call when trouble arises.

With these three qualities in mind, it becomes easier for an agent to know the lock box that is perfect for their property and security needs.

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