A Guide To Eradicating the Most Common Insects in Your Yard

All insects play an essential role in the circle of life. This, though, doesn’t make all of them a welcome sight into our homes.

Some insects, like butterflies with their myriad lustrous colors, can be endearing. Others like mosquitoes can be a nightmare to have in your yard or home.

Today, we’ll focus on the common insects in our yards that aren’t as fun to have around our homes.

Having a gorgeous lawn is a dream for most of us. While having one can be satisfying, managing the insects that it attracts can be a challenge.

The average cost of hiring pest control range from $50 to upwards of $300.

how do you keep your yard bug-free?

Keep reading and find out different ways to keep out common garden insects.



A Guide To Eradicating the Most Common Insects in Your Yard


Standing Water

In your fight against insects and pests, having standing water in your yard only increases your odds of losing. Standing water is the breeding ground for some common flying insects like mosquitoes.

The annoying buzz just as you’re falling asleep and common insect bites will only persist if you don’t deal with the standing water.

Ensure your gutters are cleaned regularly to avoid clogging. Even up all those sunken spots on your yard and roof. This prevents water from collecting.

Ensure any baths and kiddie pools are changed often; this keeps mosquitoes from multiplying.

Keep Your Yard Squeaky Clean

A clean yard won’t only improve your home’s aesthetic but also boosts your curb appeal.

The decaying matter is a breeding ground for many common garden insects. Clean and rake your yard regularly. This will ensure you don’t have bugs reproducing.

Avoid having overgrown bushes and weeds as they provide a perfect hiding place for these insects.

Keep your yard clean by trimming overgrown bushes and grass and practice weeding.


A Guide To Eradicating the Most Common Insects in Your Yard


Plant Bug Repellant Plants in Your Yard

Consider planting bug repellants plants around your property. Plants like rosemary, catnip, lavender, thyme, and more are all-natural bug repellants.

Not only will these plants provide a bug-free environment, but some will be used in the kitchen while still providing a beautiful aura.

Attract Birds Into Your Yard

There are various advantages that come with having birds in your yard. Enjoying their beautiful chirping as well as helping in pollination.

Birds are also an excellent pest control method. Common winged insects won’t be a bother as birds feed on them.


fer common insects


Insect Control Pesticides Fogging Machines

Consider using control pesticides to solve your bug problem. There are a variety of environmentally friendly pesticides that will help in your fight against insects and pests.

Also, fogging machines are proving to be very effective when fighting pests.

Look for the best masquito fogger machine and completely eradicate mosquitoes from your yard.

Keep Your Yard Free of Common Insects

With these tips, you’ll be able to keep off common insects that bug you from your yard. This way, you can enjoy picnics and playtime knowing you and your loved ones are safe.

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