A Guide to Hiring Professional Movers: What You Need to Know

Has the time come for you to move to another house? People move for various reasons, and when they do, they have to find professional movers to help them safely get their items to the new house. Whether you have terminated your lease by will or it expired, what matters is how you move to the residence.

Hiring professional home movers is not something you should take lightly because it determines how everything is done. They are the people who will be pacing, transporting, and offloading your precious household items, and so, you have to choose carefully. You may want to look at local options before you search elsewhere.

This guide will teach you the most important factors to keep in mind when looking for movers. Read on to find out more.


Know the Movers That You Need

It will help if you start by knowing the kinds of movers that are suitable for your task. This is determined by the nature of the work that they will be doing. For example, if you move to a new house within the same municipality, you will not be looking for the same moving company as someone moving to another state.

If it is a long-distance task, they will have to prepare adequately by seeking vehicles covering the distance. They will also be looking for licenses that allow them to move across state borders. This means that you have to inform them early to give them time to prepare for the job.

The major types of movers are:

  • Interstate movers
  • Intrastate movers
  • Long-distance movers

Seek Referrals From Reliable People

Before you start looking for professional movers near you, you should ask for referrals from people who have used these services. They could be your family, friends, colleagues, or anyone that you can trust. Let them share their experiences with various moving companies to know what to expect should you choose any of them.

These referrals will make it easy to pick the best moving companies like Marcelo’s Movers that wants to work for you. By narrowing it down to just a few companies, you will find it easier to select one, unlike when looking at hundreds of them. You want to start your search from companies that have a good reputation among their customers.

Compare Several Professional Movers

You should not choose the first company your friends propose to you when you have no idea what the others are offering. Remember that the ultimate goal is to find the best movers, and therefore, you need information about each company. You may choose the first one only to find out that you left out one that fits your perfect description of a mover.

It is easy to compare these companies, especially when they have websites because you can visit them and see what they offer. You can see the destinations they travel to and how long they take. You can also read through the FAQ sections to know them even better.


Professional Movers


Check Their Background

Apart from comparing their services and how they transport household items, you may want to know some facts about their background. Find out how long they have been in this business. It will shed some light on how much they understand their client’s needs and the quality of services they will provide.

A background check should be thorough enough to include their registration, certifications, and customer relations. You should also find out if they always arrive on time and communicate effectively. Such information is easily available from their customers.

Check for Complaints

You can tell if you are hiring a rogue mover by looking for any complaints lodged against them by their previous customers. Check police records to confirm that they have not been reported for any improper handling of property. If their name does not appear anywhere in the bad books, you can hire them.

Some of the issues that can lead to complaints are breakage of items, loss of precious items, and poor handling. They may also be reported for extremely poor services, which is a sign that you should stay clear of their company. The best way to do this is by checking the details of reports made to the police and how they were solved.

The Safety of Your Items

Everyone expects a moving company to deliver their items safely to the new location. That is why they take time to see the kinds of conditions under which the company transports cargo before choosing. If there are any fragile items in the collection, you expect them to be handled with care by carrying them in special boxes.

The safety levels that you can expect from various moving companies vary because they handle different equipment. That is why you should ask them to guarantee that your items will not be damaged or stolen. You may insist on insuring them, especially when you are moving over a long distance.

Ask for Written Quotes

Since the cost of moving is always at the center of the search for a professional moving company, you may want to ask them for a written quote. The written quote shows a breakdown of the things that you will be paying for. When you do that, you will budget and even find affordable movers.

Even with a written quote, you may find that some costs pop up that were not included. For instance, there may be an emergency along the way, and more funds will be needed to pay for it. The best moving companies will always be clear on who will pay for such costs to avoid arguments during and after the journey.

Get Moving Services From Professional Movers

Because you know what to look for when you move, why not contact the best professional movers to take you to your new homes? You need a company with vehicles and equipment that guarantees the safety of your items while not asking for too much money. You also need one that will respond to your call fast, especially when you want to move fast.

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