A Guide to the Best Rooms to Renovate to Add Value to Your Home

For most people, purchasing a house represents the single greatest purchase and investment we’ll make throughout our lives. However, while most homes will increase in value naturally over time, there are also ways you can grow the worth of your home, most commonly through renovation or upgrade work.


Why renovate?

People make changes to their homes for all manner of reasons – anything from outgrowing the current layout, perhaps through the addition of a new family member, to making a house more functional due to changes in circumstances (e.g., the current trend for working from home).

Whatever the reason you’re thinking of upgrading your house, there are some tried and tested renovations you could do that will both improve your living conditions while also adding to the overall worth of your home.

What to renovate

Whether you’re looking to renovate to increase the purchase price, you can expect when you come to sell your house or are just wanting to spruce up the overall ambiance, and impression your home exudes, below are some popular upgrades that will almost undoubtedly turn a profit further down the line.


A Guide to the Best Rooms to Renovate to Add Value to Your Home


Kitchen renovations

They say the kitchen is the beating heart of most homes, so doing any work here will be sure to increase the worth of your home. From full kitchen redesigns to simply upgrading counters or cupboard doors, anything that improves the look or functionality of this essential room will make money when you come to sell.

Remember as well not to just shop locally – nowadays there is a huge range of online suppliers, so don’t let geography be a limitation. If you’re worried about problems with the delivery, you could post your shipping jobs to an online shipping jobs board where independent couriers compete for work – meaning you’ll get the best price.

Bathroom upgrades

Speak to most realtors, and they’ll confirm that bathrooms and kitchens are two of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to prospective purchasers and can, consequently, add considerable value to a home.

Much like the point about kitchens above, the work you do in these essential rooms can range from full renovations (i.e., the entire suite and fixtures/furnishings) down to simple small touches like mirrors or mats. Also, don’t forget the potential for increasing value by adding en suites to bedrooms – particularly the master bedroom in your home.

Transform roof space

If your home has space above in the roof, why not think about extending upwards and transforming this area for other uses. Loft upgrades can be one of the simplest ways to gain more space in your home and use this otherwise mostly wasted area for better things such as an extra bedroom, play, or workspace.


KNKNK Rooms to Renovate


Work on your garden to improve curb appeal

When visitors come to your home, the first thing they’ll see will invariably be your garden space, so investing time and energy here can bring huge rewards. Of course, you should keep your garden well-tended at the very minimum, but don’t be afraid to add other little touches like garden furniture, a barbecue area, or specific zones in your outside space. All will improve your home’s aesthetics while also adding value.

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