A Guide To Visiting Paris for the First Time

The French capital appears to have been built with the pleasure of its guests in mind. Its streets, parks, houses, parks, and landmarks all entice visitors to come back, and many do. Visit the Eiffel Tower, discover the Louvre Museum, be in awe of the Arc de Triomphe and Notre-Dame Cathedral. These are just some of the most notable places to visit in Paris.

Seeing one of the famed Moulin Rouge cabaret shows, meandering around some of the most beautiful areas, such as Montmartre, or walking up the Montparnasse Tower are all must-do activities.

This guide will highlight some of the best places to see, eat and lodge in France’s delightful capital.


More Sights To See Than Your Eyes Can Handle

Starting at the Louvre, the twenty arrondissements of Paris spiral outward like a snail’s shell. However, in a city as dynamic, beautiful, and fascinating as New York, there are always new restaurants, hotels, and shops to investigate. Of course, discovering new neighborhoods is part of the city’s charm. In Paris, world-famous bistros, museums, and hotels now coexist with a new breed of restaurants, such as Mokonuts, Clamato, and C.A.M.

In the northern arrondissements, Pigalle and Montmartre, with the massive Sacré-Coeur Basilica, the still-operating Moulin Rouge, and the world-class Clignancourt market, will be discovered. Despite its large collection of treasures, the Musée D’Orsay never feels overcrowded.


A Guide To Visiting Paris for the First Time


Fine Dining To Your Stomach’s Delight

It would be difficult to eat badly in Paris, seeing as the city boasts of over 100 Michelin stars. Pierre Gagnaire and Le Cinq, both located in the Four Seasons Hotel George V, are two of the most well-known high-end fine dining restaurants in the region around the Champs Elysées.

The Marais boasts a variety of inexpensive and lively cafés and eateries, like Breizh Café, which is renowned for its galettes and pastries, and L’As du Fallafel, where you’ll have to wait in line for their delicious falafel wraps. Of course, much of the pleasure of eating out in Paris is found in its old-school bistros and brasseries, where brusque white-aproned servers stalk the streets with chalkboard menus.

From elaborate bouillabaisse, Boeuf bourguignon to the simple pleasures of an almond croissant, there’s something for everyone here. Every corner seems to have a Michelin-starred restaurant, as well as a fantastic cheese shop or bakery to complement it.


A Guide To Visiting Paris for the First Time


Resting Between Your Explorations

The 1st arrondissement, which is home to some of Paris’s biggest headline acts, is the place to go for full-throttle tourism. Pigalle, with its pubs, nightclubs, and mid-range hotels, has a grittier, more urban air.

In the 13th arrondissement, situated only a short driving distance from the royal Sainte-Chapelle is Urban Bivouac Hotel Paris, a three-star hotel. Urban Bivouac, which was totally restored in 2018, features a delightful modern style, modern amenities and beautifully appointed accommodations.


All you have to do now is pack your luggage and get ready to visit one of the most romantic cities in the world after learning about the top attractions in Paris, must-see museums, the greatest places to stay, and traditional French food.

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