A Handbook of Life in Spokane

Spokane’s cheap cost of living is aided by low housing prices and rentals, as well as lower food, utility, and transportation costs than the national average. Since Washington does not have a personal income tax, Spokane’s tax burden is smaller as well.

Fishing, boating, and water sports are popular weekend activities thanks to the several lakes, the Spokane River, and the nearby Columbia River. The Spokane Parks and Recreation department maintains various parks, riverbanks, and trails across the city with the support of volunteers.


A Handbook of Life in Spokane


Cost of Living in Spokane

Spokane has a lot of green space and is close to a lot of lakes, ski resorts, mountains, and biking trails. But it’s not all about the outdoors all the time.

Agriculture is alive and strong in the metro area’s outskirts. More than 2,000 farms in central Spokane produce a wide variety of foods, including apples, wheat, and dairy products, which are marketed through farmers’ markets and specialized shops. Spokane has a vibrant arts scene. While the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture promotes the region’s arts and history, and the Spokane Symphony performs throughout the year, street art can be found around the city.

In Spokane, most people opt for homes in areas that are close to their places of employment and have excellent traffic and rail connections. Infrastructure influences real estate investments as well, with investors preferring regions with good drainage, well-developed roads, and ample water supplies. As a result, it’s no surprise that residences with good infrastructure sell for less money.

Buying  a home in Spokane may be your goal, but you must be financially and emotionally prepared for the obligations that come with it in order for it to be the happy and satisfying experience it was supposed to be.

Mortgage Rates  Remain Low

Rates have stabilized over the last few months and are lower now since February 2021 than they were only a few months earlier. The rates will continue to remain low throughout the duration of this year.

Interest rates are projected to stay generally constant in 2021, not straying too far above or below the 3 percent line. This is great news for anyone seeking to buy a home in Spokane in 2021, as it will make the process more affordable. However, the general assumption appears to be that Spokane mortgage rates and property prices will remain constant in the next months. And this would be a compelling argument for purchasing a property in 2021.


Life in Spokane


Facilities Maintenance

Spokane develops and maintains comfortable and secure working environments for its employees and visitors. As funding and authorization allow, make alterations to the structures, building systems, and grounds. They make sure that their range of care, resources, and services are tailored to the individual, based on their strengths and potential, and that they are available and accessible to them and their family.

It is the purpose of the organization to assist persons recovering from mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders in leading safer, healthier, and more self-sufficient lives. The Spokane Housing and Community Development Division work hard to ensure that its programs and services identify and fund housing options for a wide range of the city’s most vulnerable residents, in order to help them maintain physical and mental health while also encouraging stable employment, family unity, community involvement, and education.

The primary purpose is to provide commercial services that help other county departments accomplish their missions by empowering, supporting, and serving them. Over 50 departments and public service organizations receive assistance from the department in the development, design, implementation, and operation of cost-effective information technologies and processes.

A Fantastic Place to Call Home

Spokane has the feel of a college town thanks to its robust community life. The significance of the city’s Native American heritage should not be disregarded. The surrounding valley was historically desirable since it was the most plausible place for a train connection between east and west, which is how it began.

It is now a fusion of its past and future. There’s a lot of history to discover and enjoy, with a huge historic downtown district, museums, railroads, state parks, and the 1974 Expo site. Spokane, on the other hand, is expanding, with modern enterprises, new college campus expansions, and growth in the biotech, high-tech, and healthcare industries. Mining and agriculture continue to play important roles.


Spokane is an excellent place to live because of its many neighborhoods, which generate a strong feeling of community. Residents in Spokane aren’t afraid to take advantage of the area’s natural wonders. 

While a few sections are bustling with activity, Spokane as a whole is tranquil, exuding a serene, easygoing vibe not generally encountered in major cities. Residents like the small-town feel while yet having access to big-city facilities. 

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