A Helpful Guide On How To Make Your Home Smell Like Heaven

It’s not as hard as it seems, and we’re here to tell you exactly what steps to take for a cozy, comfy, and sweet-smelling home. After all, it’s where you live, and there’s nothing better than living in a place that smells good! There are few things more comforting than coming home after a long day of work or school only to be greeted by the smell of freshly baked cookies or simmering potpourri filling your house.

Not only does this make you feel at peace with the world, but also makes your time at home perfect for relaxing without any worries. But how do you achieve these wonderful scents? Follow these tips below on how to make your space smell like heaven. 


lmkk Make Your Home Smell Like Heaven



Potpourri is the perfect way to add a gentle and sweet scent to your home without it being too overwhelming or intrusive. As folks from Balneaves in Scotland explain, you can choose between many different scents depending on what you like best, such as cinnamon, vanilla, or even lavender. Just put some of these dried flowers and leaves in a dish around your house and let the smell waft throughout.

As an added bonus, this will also give it a nice floral look to your room! And if you want something that will last longer than just one day, check out oil diffusers which are made with essential oils that go into ultrasonic waves to create a mist that gives off your desired scent for days at a time.


Candles are probably the most well-known way to adorn your home with a pleasant scent. However, don’t just pick any candle off the shelf, because you need something that has a strong yet not overpowering smell so that no matter where you walk in your house, it will greet you with its fragrance.

If your home is adorned with wood or leather furniture, opt for scents like apple cinnamon or orange vanilla, while carpeted rooms can take on more floral smells like rose gardenia. And if you go for eucalyptus mint candles for wooden furniture in carpeted rooms, then be prepared to have your nose tickled every time you step in! Candlelight also adds an intimate feel to any room, so you can sit back, relax, and have a quiet night in with your significant other.


Coffee is not just to jump-start your morning or help you focus at work, it also makes for the perfect room freshener! Just take some ground coffee beans and put them in a bowl around your house. However, don’t roast them first because this will make your home smell like fire instead of heaven.

As an added bonus, this will also give off the effect that you’ve been hard at work all day, since everyone knows how great freshly brewed coffee smells! But if brewing up a fresh pot isn’t exactly part of your daily routine yet, then try marinating coffee grounds in hot water for half an hour to make a coffee-scented body scrub.

Exotic Spices

You don’t have to go all the way east or west for your home to smell like heaven, just use common spices that you can find in any kitchen! Start with the basics and choose cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, or vanilla extract as they are known to be very reliable. From there you can throw in some cardamom, coriander seeds, anise seeds, ginger powder, or even black pepper!

However, always keep in mind not to burn these, as they will release bad smells instead of good ones. If you want something more complex than just those basic spices, then buy exotic leaves from local and try mixing them together yourself to create a spicy scent that will give your home its own unique smell!

Flowers and Plants

Just like potpourri, fresh flowers add a lovely touch to any room in your house. Not only do they look nice on surfaces such as coffee tables or bedside dressers, but also smell great too when you make them give off their scent by crushing the petals in your hands.

To get the most out of the smell from these plant life, you won’t be able to just throw them into a vase and water them once or twice every day. Instead, try boiling some water and putting them right inside so that it absorbs this aroma and gives everything around you an earthy scent instead of just smelling like dirty water! The added benefit is that you can also eat flowers and plants such as rose petals and lavender, so if the scent is too much for your liking, just chow down on them and enjoy a free snack!


A Helpful Guide On How To Make Your Home Smell Like Heaven



If oils and dried leaves aren’t your things, and you want something else to give off different but pleasant smells, then try incense sticks or cones! These are usually made from wood, bamboo, sandalwood, cloves, or cinnamon which gives off a sweet smell when lit up.

Just light one incense stick end with a lighter or match until it begins to smolder about half an inch in diameter, then let the cone burn itself out before throwing it away. You can also make these at home yourself by dipping twigs in melted wax and rolling them in spices to give everyone around you a little taste of summer all year round.

Essential Oils

If you want to go for a natural approach, then essential oils are the answer. These are made from plants, flowers, roots, seeds, or bark which are distilled down into their purest form. They usually come in small bottles with spray tops instead of caps so that it’s easier to give every room in your home its own scent.

]Just shake and spritz once or twice before settling down for the night, and these fragrances will seep out from essential oils through the air and into your nose without any trouble! Plus, if you can’t decide what sort of smell you want, then just combine them together and create something new!


A Helpful Guide On How To Make Your Home Smell Like Heaven


Home sweet home. It’s where you live, it’s your safe haven and the one place that should always smell like heaven to you. If this isn’t exactly true for you, then there are a few ways to make it happen without too much work on your part! To start off with, try using common spices in your kitchen such as cinnamon or cloves, which is sure to give everything around you a delicious aroma that will put everyone at ease.

You can also use flowers from plants or fresh coffee beans as they are known for their aromatic scent, but be careful not to roast them first because they’ll release an unpleasant odor instead of pleasant ones! Lastly, incense sticks and essential oils are both great options if you want something more natural than those other methods and easy to use in pretty much every room you put them in. So what are you waiting for? Make your home smell like heaven and enjoy it all year round!

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