A Home Maintenance Checklist Drafted for Homeowners Like You!

Given the option, most homeowners would volunteer to spend an entire weekend on a ladder fixing their home roofs. But when your home is your most precious asset, don’t you think maintaining it should be a MUST?

Home maintenance is standard to feel like a daunting task – particularly when a homeowner has not seen a boiler up close. But it should not feel overwhelming at all. Your residential property cooperates with different seasons and natural hazards. Maybe that’s why most American households take home repair and maintenance seriously. From welcoming the beautiful springs to safeguarding you from the harsh winter season, homes see a lot to protect you. And in return, all it seeks is maintenance.

If you have just got your dream home constructed, here are some home maintenance factors to consider. Surf through them and get started –


A Home Maintenance Checklist Drafted for Homeowners Like You!


1. Inspect the gutters 

Of course, no one wishes to pass by a gutter, but when it comes to controlling your home’s rainwater, all homeowners pray for a clearer gutter. Gutters are essential to protect your home’s foundation, roofing, and siding.

Clogged gutters are common to infiltrate your premises. Thus ensure to get it cleaned twice a year. This should be enough if you don’t see clogged rainwater after the monsoon.

However, Installing cast iron pipes are proven to be versatile and durable. They can be used in many different circumstances, including as gutter systems or as water pipes for your home’s maintenance.

2. Repair roofing 

There are times when unfavorable weather conditions or an accident results in damaged roofing. Areas like East Lansing should be extremely conscious about roofing maintenance due to excessive snowfall. This is likely to keep an East Lansing roofing contractor high on demand. When you consult experts, you can get to know about the roofing loopholes or broken tiles in advance. This saves you from Roofs that should be maintained at least twice a year to keep them in good condition for the long run.

3. HVAC system 

You should take your HVAC system seriously as it concerns your home’s heating and cooling potential. It is a centralized system that should be analyzed timely. If not, it can hamper the quality and overall performance of the system. And the repair or replacement cost of the HVAC system is a bit hefty, which is likely to burn a hole in your pocket for sure.

4. Windows and doors 

If not repaired, this can lead to increased chances of a robbery at your premises. Therefore, checking windows and doors should be your top-notch priority. Install glass panels so you can avoid robbery and windy storms.


Pro tip 

When going for annual home maintenance, it’s wise to settle for licensed professionals. Even according to the Federal Trade Commission,

“Many states, but not all, require contractors to be licensed and/or bonded. Check with your local building department or consumer protection agency to find out about licensing requirements in your area. Licensing can range from simple registration to a detailed qualification process. If your state or locality has licensing laws, make sure the contractor’s license is current.”


The last line –

Home maintenance should be a phase of detailed improvements while evaluating all loopholes in your premises. This may require some basic knowledge about home repairs and maintenance but seek it as it will help you in the long term.



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