A Home Remodeling Dilemma: Should You Renovate Your Kitchen or Bathroom?

Everyone has spent a lot more time at home over the past year, and this has led to a huge surge in home remodeling projects. Americans spend an enormous $49 billion per year on kitchen remodels alone.

If you only have a limited budget, it can be hard to decide which part of the house to renovate first. Should you choose the kitchen or the bathroom?

Both have their pros and cons. Read on to find out more to help you make the right decision and get some great home remodeling ideas.


Making the Right Home Remodeling Decision 

There are a few things you need to consider when working out whether to remodel the kitchen or the bathroom first. If you’re planning to sell soon, then it’s recommended to focus on the kitchen, as this is usually a key decision-making factor for buyers.

If you’re planning to stay put, you need to figure out which room is most important to you. If you like to cook and bake a lot and entertain frequently (in normal times!), then the kitchen is probably the heart of your home.

But if you prefer to eat out or get take out a lot, and want the more intimate spaces of your home to be a perfect oasis of calm, then the bathroom should probably be your first priority.

Budgeting for Your Home Remodel

If you’re doing up your house prior to putting it on the market, you need to make sure that the math adds up. You don’t want to spend more than you would gain back on a potential sale.

It also makes sense to opt for fairly neutral designs, which look great but suit any taste. A kitchen can be updated fairly quickly by replacing benchtops, splashbacks, taps, and sinks. You don’t have to go for broke to make a big difference.

Bathroom remodels are generally cheaper than replacing a kitchen, but you may need to do the bathroom first for reasons of practical necessity, for example, if there are major faults that need repairing. Home remodel loans are always an option in urgent situations.

How Disruptive Will It Be?

Realistically, any kind of building work in your home is going to be disruptive. A good home remodeling contractor will work with you to schedule the project at a time when it will be least difficult to live with, perhaps when you’re away on vacation.

You can probably live without a kitchen for a few weeks if you have to, but bathrooms are harder to do without. So unless you have multiple bathrooms in your house, you’ll need to factor this in.

If you’re looking for home remodeling companies in the Orange County area, Preferred Kitchen & Bath offers a bespoke design service to plan your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Reaching a Final Decision  

Only you can decide which home remodeling project you want to prioritize in your home, depending on your needs and your budget. it might be worth biting the bullet and getting it all done at once! Then the disruption will be over in one go and you’ll have your dream home at last!

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