A Homeowner’s Guide to Disposing of Broken Appliances and Electronics

Homeowners rarely ever think of how to dispose of their major appliances at home, not until they get broken and worn down. If you’re experiencing this dilemma, fret not as this article will provide you with insights on how to deal with your broken electronics and home appliances. Although your initial resolution is to throw them out in the trash, you should avoid doing that. Some local garbage collectors don’t allow it, and in most cases, this tech rubbish might still be worth a few bucks.

Getting rid of your old home appliances isn’t an easy task. However, it pays to know your various options. Whether you now have an accumulated worn-out device sitting in your garage or you’re planning to execute a home renovation, you need to exhaust removal options like donations, professional removal services, or public rubbish disposals.

Get familiar with the following methods and ways for you to dispose of your broken appliances and electronics more responsibly:


A Homeowner’s Guide to Disposing of Broken Appliances and Electronics


1. Hire A Rubbish Removal Service Contractor 

Old appliances can usually be recycled or disposed of by most junk removal companies. Many households prefer this option as this data indicates how you can reduce your carbon footprint since these professionals know how to handle rubbish responsibly.

When junk is cleared up in the most organized and safest manner, you and your family won’t any longer have to walk on eggshells at home by avoiding hitting these bulky appliances. You can free up more space at home, and this option is hassle-free on your end. However, keep in mind to check their service offerings and deals as they determine the prices according to your broken appliance’s size and weight.

You can check out several junk removals options as well as compare their prices and inclusions. There are lots of advantages when you opt for this rubbish removal option. You can have all the items loaded for you, and they can come to your home at your preferred schedule. 

2. Contact An Appliance Recycler Service 

Once you’ve done the perfect kitchen makeover, it’s time to get rid of your old appliances and electronics. One effective way of handling appliances that no longer work is to find recycling companies. Do a search on local recycling companies offering pick-up services.

This will be the most convenient way so you won’t have to drive up to them. It’s particularly useful if your broken appliances are heavy and bulky. Chances are, you or even your other family members aren’t capable of hauling them into your pickup truck.

These local recycling vendors often have enough workforce to lift heavy appliances and have suitable vehicles to accommodate their size and weight. The key is to conduct a search on which recycling company is closest to your neighborhood. Choose a pickup service and know where your appliances will end up since you want to ensure they’re recycled to the fullest extent possible.

You can ask regarding their recycling process and ensure they responsibly get rid of hazardous components too. Your broken appliances contain batteries and other parts that aren’t appropriate in landfills, so be sure to ask them about this.

3. Sell Usable Spare Parts  

There are junk shops everywhere in which you can sell the working parts of your home appliances and electronics. For instance, a broken refrigerator doesn’t mean it’s entirely and completely broken as a unit. There might be minor parts and even major ones that are still usable. You can have them removed and sold in salvage stores or junk shops. Even the outside steel coverings of some appliances are also saleable. 

Steel and iron can be bought at a fair price as the scrap metal industry continues to grow. You just need to check their prices. Such businesses operate to purchase different kinds of metals to resell them to manufacturing companies for reusing purposes. Perhaps the only troublesome part of this method is your electronic unit will be opened. The salvageable parts will be extracted, which means you’ll have some other parts and components that you need to dispose of after.

4. Sell Online 

If you have electronics and devices that are still working to some extent, one way is to sell them online. However, if they’re broken down but can still be repaired, you can approach some technicians to fix them up before you can post them for sale online.

This is an excellent way for you to make some money out of your used appliances and electronics. However, the downside might be that you’ll have to wait a long time until the item has a buyer. You also need to pay fees for repair to ensure that the appliance can be usable again.


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There are many ways to handle broken appliances and electronics. Before deciding to throw them out completely, scrutinize the items as you might just find something of use and value. However, if you decide on a way that’ll save you time, energy, and effort, it’s best to contact your trusted professional rubbish remover right away.

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