A Homeowner’s Guide to Granite Countertop Designs

Granite’s one of the oldest types of rock on Earth, dating back 2.6 billion years. It’s also the most popular choice for homeowners who want to update their kitchen counters.

Are you eager to add the luxury of granite to your home’s interiors? Do you know how to choose granite countertops that suit your home and your style?

Check out these tips for choosing the best granite countertop designs.


How to Choose Types of Countertops

Your budget is one of the main concerns when you’re thinking about how to choose countertops.

Granite is one of the more expensive options, especially since you’ll need an expert to complete your installation. That’s because it’s heavy and easily damaged by inexperienced DIY enthusiasts.

Different types of granite countertops typically range in price from $40 to $140 per square foot, including labor. Yet, once you’ve learned the best way to clean granite and care for it, it can last for a hundred years or more.

Although you won’t be around to enjoy the full benefit of this long lifespan, you won’t need to replace your countertops any time soon.

Wood or synthetic materials are much cheaper and often easier to install, but you’ll need to replace these materials more often.

A Homeowner's Guide to Granite Countertop Designs


Different Granite Countertop Designs

The different types of granite countertops come in neutral shades like brown, black, and white as well as more exotic hues like blue, green, and red.

Since it’s a natural material, each piece of granite has a unique pattern too.

One way to decide which one suits your kitchen best is by picking one color that stands out in your kitchen and picking a shade of granite that mimics this hue. You can also pick a slab of granite with streaks or veins that match your chosen color.

In other cases, you might choose granite for the effect it has on your overall kitchen design. If you have a small kitchen, light colors help create a sense of space. Dark granite can add an element of drama if you have a large, modern kitchen.

For some homeowners, the pattern of the granite serves as a better focal point. A busy kitchen design works well with plain granite countertops. Granite with flamboyant patterns on its surface often suits a simple, monochromatic kitchen best.

These are some of the most popular matches when it comes to picking the best granite countertops for your kitchen:

  • Mahogany or other dark hardwood cabinets with neutral granite countertops
  • Light wood cabinets and dark-colored granite
  • Granite in shades of green with deep brown cabinets
  • Red-colored cabinets paired and earth-toned or green granite

So, if you’re not sure about the right choice for you, these color combinations could help inspire your creativity.


Benefits of a Beautiful Home 

Despite the high initial cost, the right granite countertop designs can boost your home’s appeal considerably.

If you decide to sell your house, a beautiful kitchen can help speed up the process, since prospective buyers know the benefits of this long-lasting material.

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