A Homeowner’s Guide to Preventing Landscape Erosion

Your yard is meant to be a beautiful, relaxing area to spend time with your family and friends. When unsightly soil erosion crops up, you might be at a loss of what to do to remedy the situation.

Don’t worry! There are a few landscaping erosion control methods that you can try out to make sure that your yard doesn’t become a soil erosion disaster while keeping it in tip-top shape through every season.

Continue reading to learn how you can prevent landscape erosion from ruining your yard’s aesthetic.


What Is Soil Erosion?

Landscape erosion is simply the displacement of soil that occurs in your yard. The displacement of soil can cause nutrients and healthy microorganisms to get washed away leaving your soil in a less than ideal state, and it isn’t pretty. Soil erosion results in exposed roots, gullies, and mudslides.

What Causes Soil Erosion?

There are a ton of things that can cause soil erosion in your backyard. It can happen when your pets or your children play. It can also happen if you park your car in the yard or cut your grass too low during the dryer seasons.  Things like farming may also play a role in water runoff and soil erosion.

However, it isn’t only the actions of humankind that cause soil to erode over time. Nature can also play a part in the displacement of soil via water and wind. Water can cause gullies and mudslides to occur. It can also completely uproot plants. Harsh winds can also be responsible for the displacement of soil.


Preventing Landscape Erosion


How Can You Fix It?

Managing excess rainwater and roof runoff can help you to reduce the chances of new soil erosion occurring. When rainwater doesn’t make it to its designated area, it can cause mudslides and gullies in your yard. Make sure that your gutters are all connected and cleared out so that the water can get through to the drain spout.

Stabilizing the soil can play a big part in making soil erosion less likely. Retaining walls can stop soil from getting displaced. CLC Landscaping, LLC can help you implement retaining walls into the theme of your yard. This is especially great if your yard has any slopes. Retaining walls are also pleasing to the eye.

Another option that you have is to cover up the soil to protect it from damage.

Planting a variety of plants and then laying mulch around it can help to prevent soil erosion. Giving your yard an extra layer of grass seed can help to cover up the soil in high-traffic areas. You can even lay sod and turf grass to give the illusion of a green yard while protecting the soil underneath.

Preventing Landscape Erosion Is Possible

Landscape erosion can be prevented when you take good care of your backyard. By adding more grass seed or a retaining wall, your yard will have fewer erosion issues. When you take these steps, you will be able to enjoy your yard again without worrying about exposed roots or mudslides.

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