A Painted Home Exterior: Is it Chic in 2022?

The painted home exterior is about as old as the concept of decorating homes. It’s commonly thought of as twee, and you might even have in your mind the colorful houses of Tobermory, (or even Balamory) or the seaside cabins of Brighton. But there is a lot to the idea of painting your home’s exterior in 2022, and the idea of twee has been left behind.

Take a look at our arguments for and against the idea of painting your home’s exterior to make up your own mind.


Keeping it looking good

If you are thinking of painting the exterior of your home, you should get yourself a decent power washing service. Rain and other elements of our wet country will stain the exterior of your home, turning that bright, pastel tone into a grey spot on the street.

Luckily, keeping it clean is very simple and won’t require any work from you. A power washing service can blast away any stains developed over the winter months and have your home looking brand new again. Contact www.rhpowerwashing.ie for a quote and see if they can help you today.


A Painted Home Exterior: Is it Chic in 2022?


The argument for

There is no shortage of guides to “The Most Colourful Towns and Cities in…” on the internet, which demonstrates just how colorful the world is. Sure, there is the standard neutrals and whites which is common in homes, but if you were to travel to Cobh, County Cork, Cliftonwood in Bristol, and Portree on the Isle of Skye, you will see a rainbow of bright colors brightening the area. Some are painted by professionals painters such as Oahu house painters, and randomly selected from the inhabitants of the homes and some are enforced by the local council to maintain their town identity.

It doesn’t have to be so in your face with the colors either. If you were to walk through Lavenham in Suffolk, you would see Tutor-era townhouses that are various shades of pastel pink and peach in between their distinctive black detailing, making for an ironically modern look. And who can forget the famed Notting Hill, which are various shades of muted pinks, blues, and creams for a very calming effect?

Plus, there are a lot of exterior color trends coming in in 2022. People are painting their homes a deep stone grey, or even black, muted blue, warm off-whites, and forest greens.

The argument against

However, if you were to go for a bold color against the backdrop of an already well-established street, you might stand out a little too much. You can’t go around dictating that the neighbors around you adhere to your color pallet, so you’ll have to choose carefully, and be aware that if your neighbors don’t like it, they might be bold enough to voice that opinion, either to you or the local council.

However, there is a rising trend in natural resources right now. The awareness of climate change has seeped into our interior and exterior design. Now homes are built with their materials front and center, with features of stone, wood, and marble wherever possible. To paint over these beautiful elements would be a sin.

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