A Quick Guide To Choosing The Best Outdoor Lighting

Homeowners agree that a cozy outdoor space is always a joy to have. It’s an excellent place to relax, enjoy your morning coffee, or read a book during lazy afternoons. Moreover, it’s also the perfect spot for entertaining guests at home, no matter what the occasion may be. The natural lighting from the sun further enhances the ambiance of this space, especially during the summer months.  

But what happens when the sun goes down? Does the fun also stop, and do you have to end up going inside the house to continue the entertainment? Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about these disruptions if you have the best outdoor lighting to spruce up the space. 


A Quick Guide To Choosing The Best Outdoor Lighting


Outdoor Lighting 101 

If you’ve spent a great deal of time and money elevating your home’s exterior appeal, it only makes sense not to put your efforts in vain with poor lighting choices. It’s about time you think of highlighting your stunning landscape design, along with the other outdoor features of your property at night. One surefire way to do so is by choosing effective outdoor lighting. You might even come to realize that your house looks more impressive when it’s dark than when the sun’s out—all thanks to a variety of lighting options, fixtures, products, and techniques. 

Whether you’re entirely new to outdoor lights shopping or you want to improve what you already have at home, here are some tips that you could use: 

  • Identify Key Outdoor Areas 

Before you go ahead and start listing down the different fixtures and light bulbs you’ll need for your project, you first need to figure out where you’ll be placing them. One excellent way to determine these locations is by identifying the critical areas in your outdoor space. These areas are typically those spots that require extra illumination, such as the garden, driveway, patio, deck, and pool area if you have one. 

Once you’ve already assessed and identified these critical areas, you can then start determining how much and what kind of lighting you’ll need to buy. You can ask professional electricians from Surfers Paradise for advice, or you can do your own research online.

For instance, if you live in Seattle, you can find a wide range of resources, such as https://washingtonoutdoorlighting.com/landscape-lighting-seattle-washington/, where you can view several lighting projects that could inspire you to think of a suitable design for your al fresco project. 


A Quick Guide To Choosing The Best Outdoor Lighting


  • Know The Different Types Of Outdoor Lighting 

After identifying the key areas in your outdoor space, the next step is to know which type of lighting will suit each location. Sure, you know you need light bulbs, wires, and fixtures, but what kind, precisely? How do you know if they’re suitable for outdoor use? Understanding the different lighting types and purposes can make the selection process less daunting for homeowners like you. 

Do you plan on simply making the space brighter at night? If so, you only need to focus on providing overall lighting without regard for other aspects. This may work if you have a relatively small outdoor area that won’t require elaborate plans. Meanwhile, if your goal is to focus more on adding an extra layer of security and safety for your property, task lighting is an excellent option. Task lighting is generally brighter than other lighting types, which makes it especially suitable for illuminating pathways, entrances, and decks. 

On the other hand, accent lighting can help you give your outdoor space an elevated glow and ambiance. You can take advantage of accent lights if you want to highlight certain features in your garden, including water fountains or a pool deck area. You can use track lighting, sconces, torch lamps, recessed lights, and floodlights for these purposes. 

  • Go For Adjustable And Versatile Fixtures 

If there’s one thing you’ll most likely realize as you explore different lighting options for your outdoor space, it’s that you’ll always end up wanting to spruce things up now and then. It can quickly become an engaging activity once you get the ball rolling, especially when you realize that exterior lighting trends come and go.  

So, it’s only practical that you go for fixtures that are adjustable and versatile enough to accommodate different styles, layouts, and trends. Floor fixtures, for instance, could have cords and may be mounted anywhere. With this feature, the lights are easy to move around the outdoor space. This tip works best when choosing landscape lighting since you can’t tell for sure if the tree you highlighted now will still be the same feature you want to illuminate the following season.

You can look for wall lights, spotlights, lanterns, and sconces that are adjustable in terms of height and mounting options. Of course, you also shouldn’t forget to factor in the weather. Some outdoor lights are designed for damp but covered locations such as the porch. On the flip side, wet-rated fixtures are lighting fixtures built to be exposed to outside elements like rain and snow. Be careful to pick fixtures according to their ratings so you won’t risk the possibility of damaging the lights or causing electrical issues. 


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  • Consider The Quality 

As with buying anything, it’s critical that you look for quality outdoor lighting. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, you want to choose lights that’ll stand the test of time. Choosing high-quality fixtures may involve spending more money, but consider it an investment that’ll serve you for years and may even help you save money in the long run.  

One of the most popular lighting choices today is LED Panel Lights, which generally last longer than fluorescent or halogen lighting. Moreover, LED bulbs consume less energy. These bulbs may cost more than the other options, but it also means having lighting fixtures that could last for years and won’t break the bank when your electrical bills start piling up.

  • Choose Fixtures That Blend Well With Your Landscape 

You may have other purposes when you decide to upgrade your outdoor lighting, but you can’t deny that the main reason is to make your landscape design stand out even more. With this in mind, it’s vital that you consider choosing fixtures that’ll complement your garden.  

Take a good look around and see what kinds of trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers you have in your front yard. What are the shapes of their branches? Do you want to make the foliage’s color look more stunning at night? From these questions, you can come up with ideas that can help you achieve your outdoor lighting goal. 

Suppose you have a small garden. If so, smaller but taller fixtures will work better instead of wider ones. These fixtures will help you maximize the space while also making the garden look broader and bigger than it is. For sloped or arched landscaping, you might want to consider going for fixtures that bend in your desired direction, be it downward or out toward the sky. 


Great Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas Best Outdoor Lighting


  • Add Motion Sensors For Better Security 

Dim or blind spots can draw burglars and trespassers at night. These areas may include an entrance or walkway you seldom use. Installing security lighting can help address these issues with the help of motion sensors. This feature will trigger an alarm upon detecting nearby movements, depending on the angle and range of the sensor.  

Bright floodlighting is also another effective way to drive intruders away. When they see that the home is well-lit, they’ll most likely think that the owners are home and can sense when someone’s trying to break in. If you plan to go on a vacation or leave the house for the weekend, setting the timer on your floodlights could help you prevent leaving your property looking abandoned at night. 


Why Light Up Your Outdoor Space? 

Most homeowners invest considerable time, effort, and money sprucing up their home’s interior, not knowing that they’ve forgotten the exterior aspect of their property. Lighting up your outdoor space is an initial step you could take to achieve a balance in enhancing your home. 

Outdoor lighting is a crucial element that can enhance the appeal of your humble abode in the evening. Take note that it’s not only you who’ll be admiring your garden because neighbors and passersby will also have their own first impressions upon seeing your property. Thus, with the proper lighting, you can increase your home’s curb appeal.  

Additionally, installing outdoor lights can make guests feel safer and more at home when visiting your place at night. Starting from the entrance, where they’ll be greeted by your radiant and cozy entry lights, you’re already making a good impression. Should you decide to entertain friends and family in your deck, pool area, or garden, you won’t have to worry about the ambiance.

Final Words 

There’s no doubt that outdoor lighting can provide you with several benefits, aside from mainly illuminating your garden. Specifically, it can add an extra layer of safety and protection. You can also use different lighting types and styles to complement your landscaping. 

Choosing the best outdoor lighting may seem a little challenging at first. However, as you go about it, you’ll realize that there’s really no need to dread the project. As long as you do your research, plan well, and consider the factors discussed above, you should be good to go. 

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