A Quick Guide To Planning A Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen typically stands as the heart of your home. Everyone desires to have their dream kitchen as it’s where they make food, keep snacks, or entertain guests. Modern kitchens are highly functional and contain texture, color, and lighting that has a welcoming touch.

Many reasons can make a homeowner consider a kitchen renovation. Some renovate their kitchens to make them up-to-date. Others want to change them to fit their tastes or lifestyles while others want to fix their broken kitchens. Planning a kitchen renovation can help create a functional kitchen that’s appealing and easy to work in, depending on your needs.

Below is a quick guide to planning a kitchen renovation:


Gather Your Kitchen Renovation Ideas

It’s crucial to know what you want when planning your kitchen renovation. You can start by searching for inspiration from home improvement sites and saving ideas to help you develop your renovation plans. A vast range of designs and layouts can help you identify the materials, textures, and fixtures you can include in your new kitchen. You also have to consider whether your chosen design fits your existing floor plan.

With some kitchen renovation ideas in mind, you can create a general outline of the kitchen remodel, mainly focusing on the new kitchen layout. Deciding where to position your appliances, the cabinetry designs, and other logistical details can make it easier for your contractors to estimate the kitchen renovation project costs.


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Find Professional Contractors

Working with professionals can guarantee you a successful kitchen renovation project. You can get recommendations from colleagues, friends, and family members about the best professionals. A professional contractor has the proper licensing, experience, and certifications to facilitate quality kitchen renovation.

Professional contractors can also quote you the possible price range for the entire project. The lowest bidder can end up delivering poor services while the highest can be overcharging you. Therefore, it’d be best to find a contractor with reasonable rates, a high track record, and ratings of successful kitchen upgrades.

Getting quotes from different contractors and comparing them can help you get the right one for the job. To find a reliable and professional contractor, click here.


Eco friendly House 13 Kitchen Renovation


Determine Your Lifestyle Needs

You can determine the success of your kitchen renovation by analyzing how you use your kitchen. Your design largely depends on your unique preferences, needs, and habits. Therefore, you first need to consider your cooking style. For instance, a homeowner who doesn’t cook frequently doesn’t have to spend much on cutting boards, built-in tray dividers, or pull-out spice racks. Your cooking style can dictate the most relevant cabinet accessories for your kitchen renovation.

Second, you need to consider your entertaining habits. If you frequently host parties with many people, opening up the space or building a kitchen island would be best. You can increase the space around the kitchen island to increase the kitchen capacity at any given time.

Third, considering your family-style can help you evaluate your new kitchen’s safety and durability factors. Locating cupboards and appliances out of children’s reach is ideal for protecting your fragile items in a home with young children.

Lastly, you need to consider your future plans when renovating your kitchen. Your future plans can dictate your kitchen renovation decisions. For instance, your color choices would be different if you plan to sell the home in a few years. You wouldn’t want your home renovation project to affect your home’s resale value.


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Set A Budget

After getting your dream kitchen idea, you need to determine a realistic price margin. You can research other similar projects to estimate how much the kitchen renovation might cost. Typically, larger renovation projects take more time and resources than the one you budget for. Therefore, it’d be wise to establish a conservative budget to ensure you have extra funds for the hidden or additional costs.

Get Quality Materials

It’s crucial to get the best quality items you can afford. Including high-quality items in your kitchen renovation is beneficial to your use and also for boosting the home’s resale value. Moreover, high-quality countertops, appliances, and cabinets can last longer, eliminating the need for another kitchen renovation.

Create A Temporary Kitchen

All renovation projects demand some adjustments to your lifestyle. However, a kitchen renovation requires special arrangements. You need to consider how to go about your daily duties with the ongoing kitchen renovation process. You can either opt to rent a place to stay to temporarily store your bigger furniture for some time or live in the house you’re renovating.

If you opt to stay in the home during the kitchen remodel, you need to set up a temporary kitchen. You can set up this alternate kitchen in your backyard or garage using old cabinets or the long countertop section. Packing up the appliances you rarely use can help reduce clutter in the temporary kitchen. If you have any upcoming holidays, it’d be wise to plan to dine with friends or relatives.


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Bottom Line

Many aspects can make a homeowner want to renovate their home. However, all renovation projects require substantial planning for maximum success. As the heart of your home, kitchen renovation needs a lot of planning. With the tips in the guide above, you can comfortably plan your kitchen renovation project.


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