A Quick Kitchen Remodel Checklist

Your kitchen needs some work. You’ve been dreading it a bit because there’s no quick, easy way to remodel a kitchen, and kitchens can be the most expensive types of remodels. Yet it needs to be done. So where do you start? Getting the kitchen of your dreams takes planning. We’re here to provide you with a kitchen remodel checklist to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything. Start here to make your dream kitchen a reality.


1. Prioritize Your Needs

Everyone has a different idea of the perfect kitchen. To determine what your perfect kitchen would look like, ask yourself a few questions:

How Much Can I Spend?

It’s easy to get unrealistic expectations when looking through Pinterest or hardware store brochures. Set an amount you are willing to pay—with a little wiggle room. Extra expenses always pop up.

What Do I Need From My Kitchen?

Maybe your kitchen is outdated and missing appliances that would make life easier (like a dishwasher or trash compactor). Perhaps your pantry has too much wasted space, or your cabinets are too low or too high.

Figure out what you want from your kitchen, prioritizing needs like more counter space or modernizing for this century. After you decide what your kitchen needs, you can determine if there’s room left in your budget for fun preferences.

2. Pick Your Palette

Before you call the contractor for an estimate, decide what kind of theme you want in your kitchen. Pick out the stain or color you want for your cabinets and walls, the type of countertop you want, the type of flooring, and the finish for your hardware (faucet, drawer pulls, knobs, etc.).

You don’t need to have a detailed binder full of your plans, but having the paint swatches and flooring,
stain and countertop samples can give the contractor a better idea of what you want when getting your kitchen remodeled.

3. Choose a Contractor

The best way to find a good remodeling service is by asking around for a recommendation. To narrow your options down, call for more information on what they specialize in, provide, whether they are insured, and if they have payment plans.

When you find the right fit, schedule an in-home appointment for an estimate and schedule the actual home remodel.

4. Prep Your Home

Now that you set a date, you’re almost done with your remodel checklist. Before you kick off your shoes and relax, you still need to prepare for not having kitchen access for the duration of the remodel.

Prep your home for the remodel by clearing out all the cabinets, drawers, and pantry. You’ll need to set up a makeshift kitchen elsewhere, like the dining room, living room, or spare bedroom.


Finish the Remodel Checklist? Check

The kitchen is the beating heart of your home. It’s where memories are made, holidays celebrated, and lessons learned. Once you’ve checked off every box on this kitchen remodel checklist, you’ll be ready to make the kitchen of your dreams.

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