A Simple Guide to All Types of HVAC Units

Want to know which heat, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are best for you? When it comes to staying in a place, whether in your home or the workplace, you focus on your comfort over anything. The heat and the cold are strong factors that’ll determine your physical ease at your home. To avoid discomfort, find out what types of HVAC units apply to you and your place. Read the article below to find out which HVAC is great for you.


1. Heating and Cooling Split Systems

Heating and cooling split systems are the most common HVAC system type. This kind of HVAC has two main systems that cool and heats your home. These systems are also located in two locations.

Furnaces or heat pumps are indoor units, often placed in garages, utility rooms, or basements. Central air conditioners are outdoor units. These are often placed on flat cement foundations or AC pads.

The heating systems have a traditional thermostat to maintain heat stability.
The cooling systems use refrigerants, compressors, and coils to produce cool air.

Fans are also installed to put out the hot air. Most split HVACs also have purifiers and humidifiers to keep your place at an even temperature.

HVAC split systems have two configurations:

  • Furnace and Air Conditioners

This system use blower fans connected to the furnace to distribute air through ducts. This system sucks untreated air in and pushes treated air out.

  • Heat Pumps and Air Handlers

These are ideal configurations for warm regions. They are more energy-efficient as they absorb heat rather than generating it. These are then moved through the ducts with the air handler.

This site covers which HVAC split system configuration is best for your home. It also offers services on how to switch AC units preferable to your location.

2. Hybrid Heat Split System

One of the other types of HVAC units is the hybrid heat split systems. This kind of HVAC is akin to the split systems but is more energy efficient.

The reason for this is due to their hybrid heater system. This gives you a choice to use either gas or electricity to heat your place.

Hybrid heat HVACs are best in places with ever-changing climates. This is great for colder seasons, as they’re easier to control.

3. Mini-Splits

Mini-splits are HVACs that are less space-invasive. They don’t take up much space like the split system’s furnaces or air conditioners. They are also a ductless system so that you can control the temperature of each independent room.

These HVACs are easier to install than other types. They’re also best in places with warmer climates. However, mini-splits cost more despite being energy efficient.

4. Packed System for Heating and Air Conditioning

Also called “all-in-one AC units”, this type of HVACs contains both heating and cooling units. Although less heat-efficient, they have easy maintenance and don’t produce much noise.

Packed AC systems are also more expensive. If you find this HVAC more apt in your place, you can look into price comparison sites to check HVAC unit costs.

5. Geothermal Heat Pump System

If you’re part of the Go Green movement, HVAC types like the geothermal heat pump system are right up your alley. Geothermal energy is renewable energy, growing 2% every year since 2010. You can rest at ease with the finances due to the lifetime energy savings of your system.

A Complete Guide to the Types of HVAC units

Split systems, hybrid heat, mini splits, all-in-ones, and geothermal heat pumps. These are the five main types of HVAC units for any home or workplace. Looking for more articles like this AC unit guide?

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