A Sneak Peak into a Designer’s Eccentric Harlem Apartment

Last updated on August 17th, 2022

Take a glance at designer Courtney McLeod’s artistic design and you’ll comprehend why she’s known for her intense use of bright colors. Her aesthetically pleasing one-room loft in Harlem is immersed in rich tones and loaded up with pieces that exclusively make a statement, yet when combined together change into a well-curated collection.

Courtney initially moved to Harlem eight years prior, around when she launched her firm, called Right Meets Left Interior Design. Subsequent to going through 15 years working in real estate and property management, Courtney concluded the time had come to seek after her other calling. “I’ve had long-lasting energy for design.

Indeed, when I was applying to school, I applied to business college and engineering school since I didn’t know which way I needed to take.” Of her subsequent demonstration, Courtney shares that she really feels like she never works a day in her life. “It’s a flat-out delight to do what I’m doing.”

Red and Pink Festive Flat Illustration Southern Hemisphere Holiday Greeting Facebook Post 1 1 Joy-Filled Harlem Apartment

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

She’s called her joy-filled apartment Harlem home for around three and a half years. It watches out over the neighborhood’s Morningside Park, and from her home, Courtney has the amazing views of trees and a lake loaded up with ducks, she says feel like luxury living in New York City. As brands completely incline toward patterns that slant toward the mitigating and hearty, Courtney’s loft remains a bright and colorful spot.

CLEVER MCLEOD0783 Joy-Filled Harlem Apartment

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

At her firm, Courtney likes to design around her customers’ individual needs and personalities and adds her unique touch to space. When it was time to design her own home, Courtney says, she intended to change it into “as unadulterated an outflow of satisfaction from my viewpoint as I could make.” Upon entry, Courtney is welcomed by Sherwin-Williams’ immersed conceal Dynamic Blue, which proceeds into the front room.

Immersed shading stays a subject all through, from Courtney’s custom splendid orange couch, which is upholstered with texture from Lee Jofa, to the hand-painted pink seat from George Smith. She adds, “I needed a space where I stroll in the entryway and promptly feel a feeling of joy, a feeling of shimmer.” It’s reasonable she’s accomplished that objective.

The room is decorated in a custom grass-fabric backdrop from Aux Alibris. The designer has utilized fluctuating colorways of this example in a portion of her customer work, however picked the more quieted palette for her own space.

CLEVER MCLEOD0876 Joy-Filled Harlem Apartment

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

Going to her room, which Courtney alludes to as her “captivated nursery,” that feeling of eccentricity proceeds in the midst of the more nonpartisan palette of gold and pink. Its dividers are canvassed in a custom grasscloth backdrop from Aux Abris, which Courtney says set the pace for space. It’s a room that brings her monstrous solace, particularly as the city around her keeps on adapting to the pandemic.

“The majority of the pieces in my condo, I’ve gathered after some time or have made over the long run,” shares Courtney. She says her mixed home works since it’s loaded up with pieces that she cherishes, ones that addressed her particular eye. “You unite them all and they recount an extraordinary story.”


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