A Weekend in Morocco: Best Things to do in Essaouira

Are you planning to explore the beauty and richness of Morroco? Looking for the best things to do in Essaouira for the weekend? You’re in luck! A time comes in your life when you want to be swept away by the prince charming. But in this case, I want to be swept away by the adventures of discovering new lands. You can either become a damsel in distress or act as a knight in shining armor. What makes it more interesting? When you can be your hero.

When on the way to make discoveries one might consider what place is best to go to? What I might discover there that will in capitate the rest of the world? Well, being an explorer there’s no rest for the wicked and neither for the wanderers. So let’s point our direction to Africa.


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What Makes Africa Part of Our List?

There’s so much to learn about this beautiful continent.

At some time in the past, it was well overlooked because of its low economy and the fact that it was an underdeveloped terrain, but quickly made progress in the early ’60s when the diamond was first discovered here. Soon the World War conditions progressed hence major areas of Africa were taken as colonies by the British and French making it all more of the slave trade area.

Such horror resides in the veins of Africa. But there is one country that has bypassed itself in the most diversified and culturally acceptable for all the people around the world due to its archaeological historical sites and cultural traditions piquing interest by the tourists and travelers alike.


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Kingdom of Morocco 

At the north is the most sought-after landmark of Africa, a famous hub for people in the last decade that has helped grabbed the attention of the different governments as well.

Morocco holidays are reaching an upgraded scale for the tourists because of its historical cities and the beach sides which is a bonus, of course, and to add the fun in the scale the northern side of Morocco is as beautiful as the mountain tops of Switzerland (and I’m not even kidding about it!).

Morocco is not as expensive as some might have come to think about it. Yes, you got to pay for every single thing but haggling is way too common here and as compared to Euros, Dirham (capital currency) is of lower rate hence not making a huge dent in your pocket.

Besides, each city is the contrast of equal opportunities for the new foot here but there is this one city that is simply stunning for its fort-like appearance and that is the historical city of Essaouira.


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Best Things to do in Essaouira

Essaouira is located on the Atlantic coastline to the western part of the country. the country is fortified at the boundaries hence giving me more of a Games of Thrones vibe (yes I’m a huge fan!) and hence the Atlantic waves reaching the fortified walls will take you back to the 15th-century era.

        1. Stroll to Medina

For those who don’t know, Medinas are the old walled part of the cities where souks (markets) are established. You can visit it any time of the day and early at sunrise the vendors start settling their stalls or shops. You can buy any common accessory either clothes, food items, fresh seafood, and spices are the specialty of such areas.

It’s much easier to navigate the streets than you originally imagined it to be. Another thing you will love about medinas is wooden goods.  Notably, the wood carvings have been practiced here for centuries and hence are the best sellers here.


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       2. Kitesurfing and windsurfing

One of the thrilling adventures on a Morocco holiday is fun at the beach. Extreme sports lovers this one is for you! Atlantic coastline is rendered with the high winds making it the best possible time for kitesurfing during the day. Winds are constantly blowing up and hence lessons are also given to the amateurs before they can begin.

Spending a full day on the winds is quite exhilarating at the best and yet you will want to do more the next day. But be warned! Don’t tire yourself only in one outdoor activity. There’s a lot to do besides windsurfing.


 Best Things to do in Essaouira


       3. Strolling on the Ramparts

Ramparts are the defensive walls of the city. It depicts itself as an outpost of a castle and was originally built to protect the city from the outer defenses and it’s no surprise that they still surround the city effectively.

This made our list of best things to do in Essaouira as you can learn about the history of Ramparts and take a picture of rows of cannons installed on each block, and hence the view from the walls is mindboggling good for a Morocco Holiday.

Not to boast or anything but just so you know that Games of Thrones was filmed here too on this very wall. So be part of a much-stretched horizon with your friends and family.


 Best Things to do in Essaouira


       4. Horse Riding at the Coastline

If you are not afraid of getting wet, then this is another thrilling activity planned for the day here. Besides kitesurfing and windsurfing or even plain old surfing technique, you can do horse riding here as well.

Of course, it is paid according to the length of time you do the riding. An early ride right an hour after dawn is the best time to go on a horse ride along the Atlantic shores. Why? Because the shores will still be not crowded and you can have the miles of sand stretching before you so you won’t stomp on someone either.

You can even watch tutorials on how to ride a horse before even trying for it.


 Best Things to do in Essaouira


        5. Visit the Museum

Is any trip ever complete without a tour of the historical museum? Never!

Sidi Mohammad Ben Abdellah Museum proudly displays the 19th-century ancient pottery remains in good shape and other items have been preserved wisely.

Tourists can get to visit the place during its day hours and get to know more about the historical wonders that are stored in the museum. You will learn about the Berber culture in the ornaments displayed and hence a rich history of the city is also narrated on some of the items displayed. The curator is always helpful in translating the language and telling you fascinating stories about it.


 Best Things to do in Essaouira


Two days in Essaouira is enough for the healthy fun activities planned here. Quite a laid-back town as compared to Marrakech but its beauty is what makes it impossible to miss it out. A visit to Morocco is incomplete without visiting this gorgeous and underrated city.



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