Affordable Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas: Transform Your Kitchen

Decorating a small kitchen is very tricky since it can get cluttered easily and it presents a challenge to even the best interior decorators. Are you looking for new ways to transform your small kitchen? The kitchen is the heart of many homes, whether you are moving into a new home, renovating, or simply redecorating a small kitchen space, you can make the most out of it by maximizing storage and taking advantage of décor that adds accent to your kitchen in order to create a well-organized, stylish and welcoming space.

Here are simple decorating ideas that will transform and give your kitchen some flair.


  1. Go for bright walls

Avoid using dark or heavy color wall paint, or tiles for your kitchen, this just makes your space look even smaller. A kitchen should be bright, airy, and visually appealing. Use fresh, neutral colors to make the room feel more spacious. While bright color walls are prone to stain, consider using half wall tiles for the area you intend to place your stove. This makes it easy to wipe off stains.

  2. Clean out your kitchen

A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen. These brilliant decorating ideas you need to transform your kitchen won’t make a difference if your kitchen space looks dirty and cluttered. Purge items you do not need, wipe down dusty windows, cabinets, surfaces, as well as countertops. Clean your stovetops, oven, and small appliances. Wash your refrigerators inside out and give the space a clean look.

  3. Organized your space

Place your commonly used appliances (e.g. microwave, coffee maker, dish rack) on the counter, but take into consideration, the location of the power socket and if the appliance can be easily plugged in. Group similar items and designate a drawer or cabinet for specific items. Invest in matching dishware and consider hanging a pot rack. Modern kitchen organizers are great for maximizing space. If you extra space in your cabinets, use a pantry shelving to double the number of items it can store.

  4. Create an Island

An island is the star of contemporary kitchen design. Adding an island can make a huge impact in a small space as it gives you extra counter space and a cozy spot for morning coffee. To optimize the space in a small kitchen, consider making an island from a bookshelf, desk, table, or cabinet. Purchase or make a countertop and attach it on top for clean finishing. Opt for chairs with tiny legs and keep the countertop plan and simple.

  5. Add greenery with household plants

Household plants are not only great for making the kitchen look fresh and clean but they also add some texture and style to your space. Common mistakes people often make with flowers in small spaces are the choice of the vase and the colors of the flowers, it is advisable to use a bright vase and green flower in your to decorate your small kitchen space.


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