Affordable Ways to Make Your Home More Sporty

We are a world of sports lovers. From playing golf with friends as a hobby to training religiously for an upcoming competition, such as an Iron Man, marathon or amateur boxing bout. Our love of sport comes in many different forms. Armchair fans purchase a big screen TV and cheer on their favourite team and players. The predictor seeking out the best odds available in the Florida betting markets or the stats fan who updates their spreadsheet with every goal, point, sending off or penalty from the recent match.

How do you make your home more sporty? We’ve all seen the mansions of the rich and famous with their tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools or football pitches. But do you need to be a millionaire to combine your love of sport with home comforts, and what’s the point in breaking the bank and leaving yourself short of cash to fund a swimming pool in your garden when there’s a perfectly good and affordable public pool just a few minutes drive away? It is true that making your house more sporty is an extravagance that is far beyond the reach of most of us, but that’s not always the case, as this article will prove.

There are things you can do to transform your home on a budget. The likes of a home gym, football pitch or tennis court are more affordable today than they have ever been, and you can start planning an upgrade while working within a budget. There are a few compromises you must make compared to those who are upgrading when money is no object. Still, if you plan well in advance and go into the project with your eyes open and your feet on the ground, it is possible to get the look you are after at a price you can live with.

In this article, we set out three affordable ways to add a splash of sport to your home. Nothing here will break the bank, and you can increase your spending or cut back on some costs to suit your budget. Remember, this is designed to give you more enjoyment from your home, not a plan that is going to hurt your pocket.


Home gym

This can be as lavish or basic as you like. If you have a spare room in your home, an unused garage, or even a good-sized shed, you can create a gym. If you have a decent budget, you can kit it out with everything from good rubber flooring to treadmills, rowing machines, and other expensive pieces of equipment, similar to what you’d use at a public gym. 

If cash is tight, but you have enough to work with on this budget, all you need to do is put up a punching bag, lay down some mats, and sweat away those pounds. Inexpensive equipment that really packs a punch and will get you fit includes a heavy punchbag, skipping rope, medicine ball, and some dumbbells. That’s more than enough to get you started.


Wood Fired vs. Propane Pizza Ovens 2 20 Make Your Home More Sporty

Basketball court

If you have a few concrete slabs laid down in your garden and drill an inexpensive basketball hoop onto the wall, you are already well on your way to shooting hoops. You can do this in just a few hours with the preparation being simple, even for someone with a very little DIY experience. Practice shots when you have a spare few minutes or invite friends round and lay on a two v two game of basketball, all within a few meters of your kitchen. 

Take a break for lunch, then celebrate the win with a few cold beers or liters of water. You will be the most popular person in your circle, at least with those who enjoy playing basketball. With just a hoop on the wall, you can turn even a family BBQ into a sports party.

Wood Fired vs. Propane Pizza Ovens 6 3 Make Your Home More Sporty


Tennis court

This is one for the big spenders as there could be a lot to factor in here. If you need to make your lawn flat, it may require a landscape gardener. If your garden is already level, building a tennis court could be as easy as tying a net from the fence to the house, and you are ready to start serving aces.


Wood Fired vs. Propane Pizza Ovens 7 1 Make Your Home More Sporty

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