Afternoon Delight – The 10 Best Places To Make Love In The Home

Making love around the house – The 10 best places to explore together 

Making love shouldn’t only be reserved for the bedroom. In fact, in a modern home, there are so many hot and opportune locations for you to try. If you would like to spice things up in the bedroom (figuratively speaking), then this is the article for you. Whenever you fancy a little afternoon delight, why not try out one of the following 10 places in your home?


Untitled design 5 3 Places To Make Love In The Home


1.    The kitchen

If you and your partner are in the kitchen together, why not try to instigate a little intimacy and start kissing your partner? The movie stars always seem to have all of the fun so perhaps try and have some of your own.

2.    The sofa

When you are next on the sofa and you’re watching something boring on the television, you should let your hands wander a little bit. Once the tensions start rising, rather than move it to the bedroom, you should let things play out exactly where you are. The sofa is a great place to make love and the cushiony support makes for some wonderful angles and positions. Couple that experience with some vibrating masturbation toys and you’ll be in for an amazing night of Netflix and chill…

3.    The stairs

Believe it or not, the stairs can actually be an excellent place to make love. Try the doggy-style position if you aren’t convinced and you’ll know exactly what we are talking about.

4.    In front of a mirror

If you’ve never made love in front of a mirror, then you really don’t know what you’re missing. In fact, watching your partner’s reflection as you pleasure them can be extremely gratifying. That, and it’s quite educational to get a glimpse at what you look like when you’re going about your business.


Afternoon Delight – The 10 Best Places To Make Love In The Home


5.    Against the front door

There’s something really naughty about the fear of being caught. If you want to mix things up and have some spicy lovemaking, then try doing it against the front door of your house – on the inside of course!

6.    In the shower

Be careful because making love in the shower can be risky! That said, it can also be super sexy as well. Turn the temperature right up and get busy under the steam. Just be prepared to use lubricant as too much water can be a nightmare.

7.    Someone else’s bedroom

If you live in a shared house, making love in your flatmate’s bedroom can be an incredible thrill. Just be careful not to offend anyone. If you know that your flatmate would be deeply upset by it then don’t bother, unless, of course, you know that there’s no way you’ll get caught.

8.    On a soft rug

Preferably in front of a log fire, making love on a soft rug can feel amazing. Being able to get rough without the mattress springs kicking up a fuss is always nice as well.

9.    The laundry room

Pop your dirty clothes on a spin cycle and sit your partner on top! Making love in the laundry room is both thrilling, and it can add to the sensation as well.

10. The garage

There’s something about the smell of oil and grease that can be really sexy. If you have a garage, then why not make a mess and make love to your partner – just be sure to wear your PPE.

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