Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair Do’s and Don’ts

An air conditioner is probably one of the best investments you can make when it comes to home improvement and comfort. Many may think it only cools down a room, but it can do much more. From dehumidifying to removing moisture from an air-conditioned room, you will find more advantages than disadvantages of owning an AC.

It is essential to acknowledge that your air conditioner requires regular maintenance and that AC repair in Plano, TX, is done by a licensed professional. Let us take a closer look at the do’s and don’ts when it comes to the maintenance and repair of air conditioners.



Regularly clean air filters. Probably the most crucial factor in keeping your AC in working condition involves cleaning and replacing air filters when necessary. It will help if you unclog the filters frequently.

Check the ductwork system. Should it be neglected, it could cause the unit to malfunction, and you will need professional  AC repair costing you money. As part of maintenance, checking ducts for leaks is essential.

Monitor thermostat batteries. It might seem self-explanatory that you would change the batteries when necessary, but you don’t want it to be too late as this may interfere with the AC’s programming and affect the performance of your unit.

Schedule annual maintenance checks. Having a professional team doing an annual check-up could save on unnecessary repair expenses in the long run. You might not notice any problems with your air conditioner, but with maintenance check-ups, a professional could spot something small that might have caused more significant problems later.


 Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair Do’s and Don’ts



Cover it entirely during the winter season. Although you need to cover your AC unit during the winter, don’t cover it entirely, only on the cold days. Instead, use a breathable cover to ensure there is enough airflow.

Ignore an increase in your electricity bill. When you buy an air conditioner, ensure it’s energy-efficient. But should your electricity bill keep increasing, you should contact your nearest AC repair before it causes your unit to malfunction.

Maintain or repair your AC unit yourself. Although you can find plenty of DIY videos on the internet, it is best to contact a licensed professional to ensure you get your money’s worth and not spend more than you have to on repairs.

Run your air conditioner 24/7. Just like us, your AC can’t run 24/7 without having issues in the long run. Use the standby option from time to time and when you are away for a few days, turn it off or set scheduled times.


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Stick To These Basic Rules

There are so many benefits to having an air conditioner at home, but you have a responsibility to maintain it to reap its benefits. With regular maintenance, you won’t only have a cool home atmosphere to relax in, but you will also enjoy the health benefits it has for your family.

Like most things in life, it can cost us dearly if we don’t maintain it properly. The last thing you want to deal with is the possibility that it has gotten to a stage where it is beyond repair, and you need to replace it with a new AC unit. Except for the effort, you might have to delve into your emergency or holiday budget. Stick to these basic rules to keep you cool and calm!


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