Alaskan King Bed vs Wyoming King Bed: Know the Difference

Finding an oversized bed can be a daunting process because they’re not always widely available. If you have lots of space in your bedroom and you want your bed to make a big statement, you might want to consider investing in something beyond California King beds. Are you torn between investing in an Alaskan King bed and a Wyoming King bed?

Whether you share your bed with your spouse, kids, pets, or just need some extra, an oversized mattress might be the perfect option for you. These giant-size mattresses can make a night’s sleep delightful. What are the differences and similarities between an Alaskan King bed and a Wyoming King bed? Here, we’ve put together a guide to help you decide which of these is right for you.

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What is an Alaskan King Bed?

Measuring a staggering 9′ x 9′ (108′ x 108′) dimensions, this is a monster-size bed named after the state ‘Alaska’. The Alaskan King bed is the equivalent of 2 full extra-large (54×80) size mattresses, but also with an extra 28″ added to the end for length. Pretty cool huh? This bed is considered the biggest commercially-made bed on the market.

In case you’re wondering- yes can but an Alaskan king comforter, bed sheet, bed frame, protector, and other accessories specially designed to fit this type of bed. Although you can find other wider family beds in 144″ x 84″ and 152″ x 80″ dimensions,  you are, however, not likely to find any bed that is longer in length than the Alaskan King. Your bedroom should be at least 16 x 16 feet for an Alaskan king bed to fit it.

The cost of an Alaskan King Bed range from $2500 – $5000


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  • Excellent for very tall people who need more legroom to spread out
  • Perfect for sleepers who tend to move a lot
  • Very comfy for big families co-sleeping with two or more children
  • Can help fill up space in big bedrooms
  • Convenient for couples with differing sleep schedules
  • It has a luxurious feel


  • Requires a large room to accommodate the giant-size mattress
  • Hard to find in stores due to size
  • Getting accessories to fit can be a challenge
  • Difficult to transport due to size and weight
  • Considered the most expensive in the oversized mattress segment


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What is a Wyoming King Bed?

The Wyoming King bed is the second-largest bed after the Alaskan King bed. Measuring 7’x 7′ (84′ x 84) dimensions, the Wyoming King bed is quite similar to the Texas King bed as it has a slightly wider and longer sleeping surface than a typical King. Wyoming king is considered the smallest in size of oversized mattresses.

This type of bed is ideal for someone who needs more room than a King-size bed (76′ x 80′) but has room restrictions for an Alaskan King bed.  A  Wyoming King Compared to the Alaskan King Mattress is 2 feet shorter and 2 feet more narrow. Your bedroom should be 12 x 12 feet to a Wyoming king mattress to fit in.

The cost of Wyoming King Bed range from $1500 – $3500


  • Spacious and great for large couples and small families
  • Can accommodate a child for comfortable co-sleeping
  • Better for taller people


  • More pricey than the biggest standard-sized beds
  • Not ideal for a small room
  • Not spacious enough for families who want to co-sleep with more than two children


Couple Making Bed Alaskan King Bed


Oversized Mattress Dimensions

Specifications Alaskan King Bed Wyoming King Bed
Width (CM) 274.32 CM 213.36 CM
Length (CM) 274.32 CM 213.36 CM
Width (Inches) 108 inches 84 inches
Length (Inches) 108 inches 84 inches
Mattress Shape Square Square
Recommended Room Size (CM) 487.68 CM by 487.68 CM 365.76 CM by 365.76 CM
Recommended Room Size (Feet) 16 feet by 16 feet 12 feet by 12 feet


Where to Buy an Alaskan King Bed and a Wyoming King Bed

Due to how enormous they are in size, they cannot be found in a furniture store. Finding oversized mattresses is not an easy job. After making your mind on which of these is best for you, you’ll have to get them custom-made for you from online stores. This is great as you’ll have the option of having your custom-made mattress made from memory foam, hybrid, or latex. This allows you to get a mattress that is comfortable and right for you.

You can also shop for accessories and beddings at the same store where you buy the mattress.  If you aren’t able to find the right mattress accessory, then you can get them custom-made for you as well.


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