Amazing Decor Furniture Tips To Revamp Your Room

When you lack space at home, you have to sharpen your ingenuity to take advantage of every last corner. Open spaces, folding solutions, a predominance of light colours… There are many tricks, but today we are going to focus on one in particular: decor furniture.

On the one hand, you will see how practical it is to have decor furniture that adapts to the needs of each moment. On the other hand, we will give ideas of how to use furniture in a different way than it was designed for, so that you can give an original touch to the decoration of your home.

When decorating a room with furniture and other elements, you fill and create spaces with the objects. This happens because each item takes up and generates free space.

In this article, you will learn the items and furniture you can include to give your living and dining room a new and more attractive look. These suggestions may also work for bedrooms.


decor furniture home decor furniture

Define what you want the furniture for

Before including decor furniture, consider the purpose of the room, especially if it is a place for family reunions, meetings, or just to chill out with friends. Besides that, decide what decor furniture style you want and keep in mind that it must be a peaceful and cozy place.


art deco furniture,

Decor furniture for a room to watch movies and television

If you are going to use it, among other things, to watch television, then it is essential to think about where to place the TV, so you will know where the armchairs and the sofa should fit.

The armchairs should be placed wisely to watch TV. Glasses, cups, and other objects can be put on a center table.


decor furniture home decor furniture


Decorating with dark furniture

Traditionally, we relate dark furniture decoration to rooms in which classicism predominates and with huge and eye-catching objects. The lacquered home decor furniture made of noble wood in colors such as gray or black adapt perfectly to more contemporary environments. Further, they are ideal to create contrast and provide warmth.


art deco furniture,

Lacquer furniture

Lacquer furniture in shades such as white, beige or greige increases the spaces and makes the room shine. To not be monotonous, the incorporation of dark furniture can give more personality. This design includes antique furniture from other times that evokes a more classic and traditional style to modern, contemporary, and trendy chairs, armchairs, and couches. You can make a room stylish and elegant by installing lacquer furniture, undoubtedly.


decor furniture home decor furniture
Black and white setting

Old furniture

Even in the most modern decorations, in which white, gold, and black details predominate, it is always possible to decorate with antique pieces. Whether from family heirlooms or purchased at an antique store, this art deco furniture is usually made from hardwoods. Its sentimental value and powerful presence add warmth, textures, and dynamism.


art deco furniture,

Sofa in the living room

Adding a sofa with dark upholstery is a nice bet. They are more durable, reveal stains, and are hard to wear. The trick is to balance the sofa style with the room vibe. Choose textiles in soft colors and use them to add a touch of color as well.


decor furniture home decor furniture
Vintage sofa in living room

Sofa bed – Such a classic

When you lack a bedroom at home, the easiest solution is to improvise one with a sofa bed in the living room.

You will have room for two more people and you will become a magnificent host. Choose a design that gives you comfort during the day and rest at night. The good thing about this decor furniture idea is that it will occupy the same space as any other sofa, but this one will have a surprise inside.

You can find sofa beds in many designs online. There is always an ideal sofa bed for each type of living room and decoration. When you try it, you debunk the myth that they are more uncomfortable than normal sofas. It is even difficult to tell them apart.


art deco furniture,
Sofa bed

Steel armchair for a modern style

If you like the urban and laid-back vibe that industrial decoration offers, a steel armchair may be ideal for your room. Some armchair models have a light and simple design, which helps to create an effect of spaciousness and freshness. Its structure is made of metal and comes upholstered in a bluish-gray, which you can combine perfectly with white walls or in more subdued gray hues, which will even make the environment look brighter.

If you have windows, place an armchair on each side to create a space for reading, although another excellent option is to place it between the living room and the dining room to divide both areas. Also, add a decorative yellow cushion to make the chair stand out.


decor furniture home decor furniture

Bench chairs

Although they are usually used for gardens and terraces, bench chairs are also very practical as decor furniture when you don’t want to incorporate large armchairs or chairs.

Like other furniture, you can place them right between the living room and the dining room to divide them. Otherwise, they are a nice detail to place under the window or under a painting. If the design is very simple, you can accompany it with padded and colorful decorative cushions.

They are likewise for flower vases. This will help to have a small interior garden, without the risk of staining or moistening delicate floors.


art deco furniture
Bench chair with a flower vase on

Be careful with air circulation

In decoration, the empty area serves both the balance of the design (the plastic composition of a room) and the comfort in transit and use of space. The elements require a free area around them for optimal performance and circulation within the room is carried out through these spaces.

The void that surrounds it is as important as the decor furniture itself. It helps to balance the shapes within the plastic composition and makes the pieces of furniture easy to use.


decor furniture home decor furniture
Home furniture deco with enough space for relaxation


Now that you know some decor furniture ideas, it is time to give your home interiors a new look. Just focus on transmitting your personality and styling the room for any occasion.

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