Amazing DIYs You Can Do to Spruce Up Your Home

Spring and the warm weather are among us which means more people are going to be doing projects around the home to spruce up their property. From a new addition, lawn care, pools, and more, there are plenty of do-it-yourself ideas to make your home a little fancier. Doing this is easy and can be done as cheap or expensive as you would like depending on your budget.


Paint Some Walls

Fresh paint on the exterior or interior walls can make the house look great. With plenty of design ideas on the internet, hand-painted wall designs are the new fame when it comes to do-it-yourself ideas. Since actual wallpaper can get pretty expensive, making a design and painting it yourself will save a lot of money.

Getting some paint tape or stencil the outline on the wall and make a design in a room even on an accent wall can bring happiness and joy with a fresh coat of paint. Adding multi-color to the room can help brighten up the room and give a fresh feeling.

High-use doors can become scratched and have paint chipping off of the door. If your door is several years old and has not seen a fresh coat of paint, purchasing a small can of paint is only a couple of dollars and can make the door look brand new. Painting the door is not very time-consuming and can occur in a short amount of time.


Amazing DIYs You Can Do


Add a Chalk Board

Chalkboards can serve multiple purposes and are in style. You can purchase a chalkboard at the store and install it or make one yourself with chalkboard paint. The chalkboard paint allows you to turn about any item or wall into a chalkboard.

You can complete an outline with painter’s tape or wood and paint the middle. Once the paint dries for at least three days and cures. After this process, the boards are ready to be drawn on with chalk. These boards can be used as a calendar, grocery list, or even for educational purposes if you homeschool your children.

Add a New Patio

Spending time outside is great for the body and soul. If you are one that enjoys the outdoors and spends a lot of time in the backyard, adding a new patio can help spruce up the yard. Patios can be made in several ways, however, the most common ones are concrete patios or brick patios.

If you are installing a new concrete patio, some saws for concrete will be necessary to make proper cuts. With plenty of saw designs out there, wondering what saw will be the most beneficial can be difficult. There are several saws on the market designed for at-home use and easy to carry.

The Husqvarna K4000 14” saw is a powerhouse wet saw that can handle heavy-duty cutting needs from concrete, brick, cinder blocks, and stone. It is a handheld saw that is electric with a 15amp motor and 2.4 horsepower.


Amazing DIYs You Can Do


Get Organized

There may not be enough cabinets in the home to store your belongings and hide items you don’t want out in the open. If this is the case, creating your own slide-out storage organizers can make the home look tidier. Grabbing old milk crates or grabbing storage bins from the department store will do the trick.

You can spray-paint the crates any color you would like and add drawer tracks to the crate and wall by measuring the wall, the distance between crates, and the crate size. You can add as many crates to the wall as needed to suit your storage needs. Adding crates to a mudroom can help organize shoes, hats, gloves, and slippers. It will keep everything off the floor and allow you to stay more organized and find items easier.

Reupholster Old Furniture

If you have old furniture you can’t afford to replace, reupholstering the furniture can give it a new feeling. It will also brighten up a room in no time and only takes a weekend and some tough work to make furniture into a beautiful new piece.

Furniture that can be upholstered is chairs, headboards, and sofas. Going to the craft store and purchasing some material to your taste and a staple gun can help you achieve this process.

There are many ways to spruce up the home especially in the springtime. With many inexpensive ways to complete home improvement projects out there, you are bound to find something to make your home look better.



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