An 8-Step Guide To The Mortgage Loan Process

The mortgage loan process can be daunting, but it is necessary to follow the steps if you want to buy a home. This mortgage loan process includes eight different steps that need to happen in order for you to qualify for a mortgage and get approved. This article will detail each step of the mortgage loan process and provide helpful tips on how to navigate them successfully!


What is a mortgage loan and why do you need one

The mortgage loan process begins with understanding what a mortgage is. A mortgage is a loan that you take out to buy a house, condo, or other real property. If you are looking for a reliable loan partner Omaha Mortgage Guy could be the perfect solution. The bank or lender will give you the money and then hold the title of the home so they have security in case you are unable to make your monthly payments on time. You need this mortgage loan in order to buy the property.

The mortgage process can take a long time, so you need to be patient and follow all of the steps if you want your mortgage approved!

Mortgage Loan Process


How to get pre-approved for a mortgage loan

The mortgage loan process begins with getting pre-approved for a mortgage. You and your realtor will go to the bank, credit union, or mortgage broker of your choice in order to begin this step. They will ask you many questions about yourself and what type of home you would like to buy so they can determine how much money they are willing to lend you.

You should be prepared before going into the mortgage lender because it is important that all of your information is accurate when surveyed by them!

The difference between an FHA, VA, or conventional loan

A Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan is typically ideal if you have low credit or no money saved up yet but still want to buy a house immediately after getting pre-approved.

A Veterans Administration (VA) loan is typically ideal if you are enlisted in the military and want to buy your first home with ease. This type of loan was created for service members so they can get approved quickly without thinking about their credit score or how much money they make monthly!

Conventional mortgages are what most people use when buying homes today, these come with lower interest rates than FHA loans do so you pay less overall over the mortgage loan process. However, this comes at a cost because there is also private mortgage insurance that usually costs between 0.45% and 0.85% of your home’s value annually!

Who can qualify for a home loan 

  • If you have at least three years of employment history
  • Make enough money to cover your living expenses and home payments after taxes (typically this is around 25% higher than what you make monthly)
  • Do not have any open bankruptcies or foreclosures on file with the government. If these are present, it could be possible to still get approved but the mortgage process will take much longer because more paperwork needs to occur.


An 8-Step Guide To The Mortgage Loan Process


What are the different types of mortgages available

  • Fixed mortgage rates: the interest rate is fixed for an extended period of time, usually from five to thirty years
  • Adjustable mortgage rates: the initial interest rate is lower than a typical fixed mortgage, but after about three years it can rise drastically

What is the down payment required on a home purchase

Typically, mortgage providers require that you pay at least 20% of the purchase price upfront. This is so they have security in case your monthly payments are not made on time or if something happens and you can no longer make them!

Factors that influence the interest rate on your mortgage loan

Your mortgage loan will have a different interest rate based on the location of your property, how much money you want to borrow, and what type of mortgage plan you choose.

The more money that is borrowed means the increased risk for the bank or lender so they may charge a higher rate as a result. This can cause your mortgage payment amount to increase too!

Understanding Your Monthly Payments

Your mortgage payment is what you will pay every month to both the bank or mortgage loan provider that gave you your mortgage loan, and also to the homeowner’s association (HOA) if applicable.

We hope you found this 8-step guide to the mortgage loan process helpful and informative. If you are thinking about buying a home in the near future, make sure to come back and use this guide as a resource.


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