Ants Are No Innocent Beings! They Are a Threat to Your Home and Health

Today, pest control has become a part of preventative maintenance for many. A survey revealed that pest infestation is a common problem, as almost every participant had at least one experience with it. But some people don’t consider it a real issue until they have to pay the price to eliminate the infestation.

Almost 45% of people confessed to having spent around USD $200 on pest prevention, and 24% said they were ready to pay USD $99. Studies show that one yearly professional visit can cost between USD $250 and USD $600. It excludes any extra cost associated with pest infestation treatment, though.

So, if you have ants in the house, don’t ignore them. Even this tiny creature is a threat to your home’s structural integrity. You may have to pay anywhere from USD$ 100-500 to destroy their colonies. But that’s just about it.

You can continue to live the rest of your life peacefully for that year. So, do you need help with this? Jackson Pest control service can come in handy. Let’s learn a little about the types of ants found in homes and their evil effects on your life.


Carpenter ants

These dark brown or black ants have shiny looks and can risk any office or residential building. Rotting or wet wood attracts them to build a nest. If they start residing in the wood beams, you can expect to incur significant expenses on repair. Do you already see a sea of black ants?

Beware! Other sign of their presence includes sawdust-like matter beneath baseboards, crawl spaces, basement, door jams, etc. Even sighting winged ants on the exteriors of the window panes indicates an infestation issue.

Pavement ants

These tiny creatures usually emerge in the warm seasons from sidewalks, stone walls, beneath foundations, inside the pavements, etc. They enter a home for food. Although these don’t sting much, pavement ants can contaminate prep areas and food by depositing unwanted matter.

House ants

Another species of ants that also tend to be smelly can infect you with illness. These stinky house ants can spoil food. It takes effort to get rid of them.

Routine pest infestation prevention techniques

Over and above hiring a pest control service a year, it’s essential to clean your house of dust and debris everywhere – countertops, floors, trash bins, etc. Pests feed on these things for survival. Cover all the holes and cracks in and around your house to block the entries for ants. Take special care of the roof, electrical lines, foundation, and siding.

Ants’ odor receptors tend to be about five times stronger, allowing them to smell food from a distance. Hence, store all food items in a container and don’t leave anything on the countertop. If you have a backyard, sift through the entire stretch for these pests. At the same time, focus on cleaning gutters, cutting down the grass, and storing woodpiles at a distance from the exterior walls.

Ants may not look like a threat like mosquitoes, mice, termites, etc. But don’t be casual about their presence. They can create as much nuisance in your home and peaceful life as other creatures.


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