Are Antique Interior Looks Making A Comeback?

Just like fashion, interior design is constantly evolving and it’s often difficult to keep up to date with the latest breakthroughs in the industry. However, trends are often thought by fashion commentators to be cyclical, undergoing at least a 20-year cycle before they become fashionable again.

That being said, this doesn’t mean that we will see the style of a certain era unearth in exactly the same way – often or not, influences are restyled to appeal to the modern eye. Undeniably, some of the biggest design trends in recent years have been vintage – so what has made a comeback and why?


Are Antique Interior Looks Making A Comeback?


 Why are vintage and antique looks trending?

It may simply be its time in the cycle for vintage and antique looks to make a comeback. However, if we look closely at which parts are being featured in this renaissance, it can tell us a whole lot more. For example, the flashier and more grandiose elements of the period’s style are being swapped out for more understated and softer features.

“Soft” appears to be a particularly desirable aesthetic currently, which has led many commentators to believe that our yearning for such has been brought on due to pandemic-related hardships experienced over the last two years. However, others think there could be a more of a simplistic explanation, found in how mid-century modernism has created an abundance of homes that all appear to be the same.

Consequently, people are getting bored and want to stand out from the crowd. `Therefore, we are seeing people revisit many traditional styles to rebel against the dominant form of interior design. As mentioned before, the renaissance of trends do not always manifest in the same ways and indeed we have seen this through “Neo-traditionalism” which airs a more “cleaned up and stylistically fluid” look. So, exactly what antique and traditional features are we seeing making a comeback?


Are Antique Interior Looks Making A Comeback?


What should you be shopping for?  


  • Wallpaper

One way to give your home a distinct vintage feel is to invest in a statement piece of wallpaper, ideally, one which features some sort of pattern e.g., florals, botanicals, geometrics, or metallics. This is a great way to add texture and design to your home and don’t forget, you don’t have to have all your walls like this – a single feature wall can create an elegant and impressive look.


Are Antique Interior Looks Making A Comeback?


  • Furniture 

To really give your home an authentic vintage feel, searching for real vintage items in your local antique shop is the best way to do this. However, this can be time-consuming and sometimes expensive. Luckily, due to the revival of this trend, you can find an array of vintage and antique inspired furniture on the high street. Go for items that feature different materials and textures. For example, wicker furniture was traditionally used in Victorian Britain and a small touch of it can really help create that vintage feel.


Are Antique Interior Looks Making A Comeback?


  • Lighting

A true way to honour classic décor is to upgrade your lighting fixtures. You can do this with a whole host of designs but whatever you choose will effectively contribute to a more traditional look. You can go from anything such as an elegant chandelier which will become the centrepiece of any room, to a small side holophane lamp with a ruffled glass rim.

However, you choose to decorate your home, keep it close to your true tastes and interests. The best interior designs influenced by trends but also feature a unique twist which makes them personal to the owner and therefore much more homely.

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