Are Balance Ball Chairs Good for You?

In a desk job, most of the time you’re seating in a chair, right? And seating in a chair all day isn’t good for your body. It increases the chance of slowing down your metabolism, and nobody wants that.

Continuous seating can also cause you diabatic, which is a real cause for concern, right? Our research shows, that seating in a ball chair is far more effective than your regular desk chair.

Like any ball, it’s quite unstable, which forces you to constantly adjust your body position. Thus, keeping your core muscles active, especially the lower part of your body.

To clarify it, we’ve prepared a brief discussion about every different aspect of the balance ball chair. It’ll help you have a better understanding of ball chairs.


Does The Size Of The Ball Chair Hinder Its Effectiveness?


Are Balance Ball Chairs Good for You?


If you wondering if the balancing balls chairs are effective or not? Then you can relax because they’re quite effective. Especially, if you tend to sit on a chair all day long. Although we don’t recommend seating on a ball chair the whole day either.

But before we get to the effectiveness of the ball chairs, let’s talk about the size of the ball chairs first. As it holds the utmost importance. Just so you know the ball chair’s heights aren’t as much as your regular desk chair. This is why choosing the right size holds the key to its proper effect on your boy.

So needless to say you must find the right size, especially getting a balance ball chair for tall person.  Otherwise, you can’t utilize the ball chair to its fullest. Depending on the proper size, it can improve the seating posture and prevent any back pain. Thus, getting the full effectiveness from the balance ball chair.

The Benefits A Balance Ball Chair Holds For Your Body

As we mentioned earlier, seating in your regular desk chair is harmful to your body’s posture, it can weaken your core muscles and other numerous health issues. A balance ball chair is unlike your regular desk chair, it can reduce complications while seating at work or home.

If you can find the right size balance ball chair, its effects will be beneficial for your body. Here, we’ve listed down a few of the benefits that a ball chair holds for your body.

Let’s go through them together, shall we?

  • Improve Posture

Just so you know, the balance ball chair is round-shaped, which makes you seat properly. Which improves your core muscles and helps build up a proper seating posture.

Because it’s a ball if you seat in an improper manner you’ll definitely fall, so you must seat properly to maintain a balance on it. This also gets you into a good habit of seating properly in any chair.

  • Reduce Back Pain

Seating in a desk chair makes us slouch in it and seat in a bad posture. We, however, think that it’s cozy and comfy, but leads to back pain. Having back pain from seating in a desk chair is a pretty common problem.

However, with your balance ball chair, you can avoid facing such a problem. Because you continuously seat in a proper postured manner and as your core muscles Strengthen, it automatically reduces the chance of having back pain.

  • Spine Alignment

Have you ever heard the fact? seating a bad posture for a long time can cause serious damage to your spine. It ruins the proper alignment of your spinal cord and reduces the strength of bones.

To remedy that you must seat in a proper manner as long as you can. To help you there are ball chairs. Because you keep a proper posture while seating on it, you also keep your spine alignment solid. Thus reducing the chance of causing any spinal issues.

  • Strengthen Your Core

One of the greatest benefits a balance ball chair can hold is strengthening your core muscles. If you get a ball chair and continuously seating while working and at home, it improves your body’s stability. It simply helps to build up your core muscle’s strength gradually. Especially your muscles near the spine.

  • Keeps Your Brain Active

Fear is a good way to keep your brain active, and it helps your brain to train your body any way you like. As we mentioned earlier, if you don’t seat on the ball chair keeping the proper posture, you’ll fall.

This fear of falling keeps your brain active and seat in an adequate manner. Also, it’s a good way to increase your physical activity even while you’re seating on a chair. Continuous seating on a balance ball chair helps you improve your body balance.


Tips For Seating In Ball Chair Safely


Are Balance Ball Chairs Good for You?


As you know by now, seating on a ball chair has the chance of falling. If you don’t be careful you’ll definitely fall. Although it’s a good practice, keeping a constant check on how you seat is hard. However, it’s true that getting used to seating in the ball chair takes a bit of time for beginners.

Having said that, we’ve prepared several safety tips for seating in the balance ball chair. We’re hoping it’ll come in handy in the long run.

  • Duration Of Seating Time

Indeed seating in a balance ball chair keeps your body active, but it comes at a price. As your body is constantly active while you’re seating, it also increases your fatigue. This leads to a sore lower back.

So it’s advisable not to seat on a balance ball chair for too long and definitely no more than 2 hours. You should take a break and walk around to relax your body, it’s a good way to be fit.

  • Slowly Increase Duration

As already mentioned, if you try to seat in a ball chair for too many hours, it’ll lead to cause your back pain. There’s also the fact you can’t keep getting up in the middle of your work, right?

So, you must gradually increase the duration of your seating time on the ball chair. You don’t have to start big, take small steps. Increasing the time by 15 minutes or so should be enough. In doing so your body won’t be affected by the change in duration.

  • Find The Right Size

Finding the right-sized ball chair is probably the most important task. If you don’t find the right one according to your body’s height, it will do more harm than good.

While getting the ball chair, you should keep in mind that your knees and west should be perfectly aligned. It helps to maintain the proper posture of your boy.  You should also consider the desk’s height. Otherwise, you won’t be able to work.

Note: remember to inflate the ball chair properly, so that you don’t sink into it, rather than seating on it properly while maintaining an adequate posture.

Final Views

Indeed seating in the ball chair is good for your body. However, it’s not a popular opinion among many physicians, as it involves risk if you are not careful. Any sudden movement can lead to twisting your back.

Having said that, you can’t ignore the benefits it holds for your body. It just takes a little bit of practice that’s all, which can be accomplished in a given time.

Also, you have our safety tips to help guide you. It’s a small sacrifice for gaining a proper body posture while strengthening your back and core muscles.

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