Are Land Surveys Required Before Remodelling?

Land surveys are a resourceful way that helps you determine your property’s angles and boundaries. These surveys are of utmost importance, especially if you are remodeling or rebuilding your space.

But can you survey your home on your own? Which is the right type of land surveying for your place? Which method makes land surveys more accurate to avoid law disobedience? 

Land surveying is a lengthy and attention-intensive process. But, FlyGuys drone services are helping revolutionise the industry with photogrammetry and LiDAR for accurate measurements. 

We will learn about these terms later in the blog. 


Land Survey’s Importance When Remodelling Your Home

If you are adding another room, making a lawn, extending your fences, or rebuilding the entire place from the ground level, you need a land survey. 

Land surveys are required before remodeling so that you are not invading or transgressing limits. This way, you can avoid any offenses against the law or people living nearby. 

Once you have your land survey, you can make a plan to rebuild or add an extension to your house.

What a Land Survey Covers?

A land survey studies the ground and looks into the natural and artificial factors to evaluate your boundary and access points. It covers horizontal and vertical angles and the distance points to conclude the land surveying process.

You can have a copy of your map as evidence or claim your right of ownership along with other paperwork. These maps save you from property problems. They are also useful in instances where you plan to sell your property. 

Doing a land survey means you are a responsible citizen and it further clarifies your right to your property.

How to Do a Land Survey?

Land surveying is a complicated task for a homeowner. They might not know the ABCs of the job, and a little mistake can cost you thousands of dollars in legal issues. Hence, it is best to hire a professional land surveyor who will do the measurement job. 

But, these measurements are prone to human error if the service provider is not as experienced. This is when you opt for smarter ways to examine the land, like drone services. Drone surveying is a futuristic measurement method with aerial imaging and aerial photos.

FlyGuys drone services use advanced techniques to measure your property’s corners and angles with high-resolution infrared technology for monitoring and measuring the area. These drones can cover 700 acres/day, which is quick, efficient, and money-saving. 

With an overview of land surveying, we will now look at the types of land surveys.

5 Main Types of Land Surveys 

Knowing different types of land surveying will educate you about your situation. You can judge how much money will go into the process and monitor the surveyor. 

  • Boundary Survey

Boundary surveys are exactly what the name indicates. A surveyor reads property history and the contract paperwork to understand the property’s lines. 

  • Construction surveys

Construction surveys are useful in rebuilding or teardown situations. It studies the engineering plan of a house. This is when drone construction services are beneficial, as the drones use LiDAR to view the specifics.

  • Location Survey 

Location surveys examine the house’s location and verify if it violates national laws or neighbour rights. 

  • ROW Survey

ROW or Right of Way surveys determine the entry and exit points of the project. The surveyor will also inform about access rights of this type.

  • ALTA/ACSM Survey

The American Land Title Association/American Congress on Surveying and Mapping is more concerned with the American lands. Yet, many other countries follow it as a standard. It collects the physical features of the land in great detail. Using aerial imaging helps big time in this type.

These are some main types of land surveys. The purpose of discussing them is to educate you on the subject. 

The Best Way To Survey A Property

Land surveying your home is critical because any mistake can lead you to a court of law. Hence, there must not be measurement slips when evaluating the house premises.

Considering the importance of measurements, the process of drone inspection plays a huge role in surveying a property. Construction drones work on a photogrammetry framework. The LiDAR on drones collects data using Infrared technology. 

Photogrammetry for Land Surveying

Photogrammetry is an advanced technique of supervising a property while focusing on its aerial or terrestrial surfaces. This method relies on image and video records to assess a property. 

Below are its primary benefits:

  1. In photogrammetry, an object is clicked from different sides and angles by the drone pilot. The pictures and videos are saved in the LiDAR database.
  2. Photogrammetry is beneficial to obtain general 3D models of a property, which makes the map tangible to observe for the surveyor and property owner.
  3. Drone photography measures distance, heights, angles, and all the access points. Hence, photogrammetry is one solution for land surveys covering many points. 
  4. Besides aerial imaging, photogrammetry facilitates topographic maps to provide more details of the covered surfaces. 
  5. The accuracy of the captured maps and recorded videos helps in creating flawless plans from scratch. All the data is colored to help visualise the final project. You can use this data for multiple purposes. 

The major benefits of photogrammetry are that it saves time and cost. The homeowner doesn’t have to disrupt the on-field operations to measure the ground. The drone will capture everything regardless of the people on the surface. 


Land surveying is undoubtedly a major part of the Land Surveys  process. It keeps you on the safer side while you enjoy the mental relief of doing things right. But, you must pay attention to choosing the right surveyor to do the job. 

Tech solutions are hands down smarter and more cost-effective. Techniques like photogrammetry offer error-free results that are visually appealing to conceptualize. So, when going for a land survey, make the right choice and connect with the right drone services.


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