Are White Kitchens Evergreen Or Outdated?

The Short Answer
The short answer when it comes to whether white kitchen designs are “evergreen” or “outdated” is: “yes”. Sure, that’s a tongue-in-cheek response, but we’ll explore its implications in this writing.

Essentially, woody, old-style kitchens defining log cabins are still en vogue in some places; in large part it depends on the property, community, and budget of homeowners.

Here, we’ll explore a few factors like these to help you determine if you should keep your white kitchen, change it, or transform your existing kitchen to this snow-white pristine style.



1. How Well Does Your Kitchen “Match” The Rest Of The House?

This question is probably the most revelatory regarding the present discussion. If you’ve got a log cabin which has woody tones defining internal décor, why would you make your kitchen look like some room out of a medical institution? That’s going to clash with the rest of the house. Also, you want to consider the neighborhood where your home is located.

Some neighborhoods are more “modern”, some are more “classic”, if you will. But white kitchens have been popular for decades, and because of their somewhat “neutral” qualities, they’ll likely continue to be popular for decades—that means “evergreen”. Still, an evergreen tree isn’t something you’re likely to see on a tropical island. There’s a place for everything.


Are White Kitchens Evergreen Or Outdated?


2. Are You Positively Inclined Toward “White Shaker” Cabinets?

Here’s something to consider: the white kitchen represents almost a default setting for kitchen design. It’s about as close to “neutral” as you can get. Accordingly, varying design features of such kitchens tend to be more affordable.

For example, white shaker cabinets are a core feature of a white kitchen. However, there’s also this to consider: not all must be monochrome. The term “monochrome” essentially means “one color”. Your white kitchen could include white shaker cabinets, but a black countertop or an emerald green one incorporating polished stone.

Again, it depends on your preference. Contrasting colors is a lot more likely to be controversial than an aligned theme defining a given room, however, so it’s probably in your best interests to assure you’ve got a white kitchen. Still, going with white shaker cabinets in that kitchen can save a lot of money, and most people will like the result.

3. Stylistically, What Moves You?

Beyond the question of “evergreen” or being “outdated”, you need to ask: what moves you? Are you looking to sell your property? No? Well, then you may well want to lean on personal preferences solely. If that’s the case, then you want to look into the ease of maintenance, cost of remodel, available remodel materials, and existing kitchen design.

If you’ve already got a classic, default kitchen in white colors, you might want to just keep it and switch out cabinetry or appliances as necessary. However, if you prefer a wide range of colors and food preparation accouterments, then you might want to shift things up a little bit.


Are White Kitchens Evergreen Or Outdated?


4. In Terms Of Property Value, What Will Ultimately Look Best?
If you’re going to sell your property, then the sort of remodeling you do needs to encourage the sale.

If you’re just looking to increase property value prior to any selling considerations, the same is true. To that end, a top-of-the-line “white” kitchen could do much to increase property value owing to its “default” status and cost-effective implementation.

Certainly, this will again depend on your idiosyncratic property. If you’re in a sort of mass-produced, prefabricated home, that could well limit your options overall. If the home you’ve purchased is utterly unique, it may or may not lend itself to this sort of interior design.

Look at what you have, where you are, what your budget is, and get a little advice to round these things out.

Determining If Upgrading Or Retaining A White Kitchen Is Right

If upgrading to a “white” kitchen style is aesthetically pleasing, good for property value, and affordable in terms of things like cabinetry, this is going to be a good move. It’ll never really be outdated, though that doesn’t mean white kitchens are appropriate in every home. The linchpin is whether or not such décor “matches” the rest of the house.


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