Are You Facing Issues With Your AC? What to Look For

Many people contact HVAC technicians because their air conditioners have stopped working. The AC doesn’t produce cold air, the compressor is no longer working, or it’s not generating any power. Sometimes they turn on and off with no warning. It can be frustrating. However, more often than not, the problem has an easy fix if you know what to check for. When your air conditioner stops working, the first thing that you have to do is check if it’s getting any power.

Check the circuit breaker if the unit is plugged in but not getting power. In most cases, if you have a fuse box, there will be a small metal strip on one of the panels below the fuses. If you turn off every breaker and flip them back on one by one, then your air conditioner should turn on after you flip off a particular breaker.


Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance1 Issues With Your AC


  • Check the settings on your thermostat:

You may reset the thermostat by adjusting the setting backward and forwards. You can try this only if your A Simple Guide to All Types of HVAC Units gets enough power, but it continues to operate at a shallow temperature when turned on. If your AC comes on and works but has a low heating temperature, it might be time to change out an old part of the unit.

If your air conditioner is plugged in but doesn’t work, check if it is plugged into a surge protector or GFI-protected outlet. If it is, check the outlet to see if it is getting power; otherwise, change it to a new one.

  • Check your home’s circuit breaker panel:

You may reset the breaker by adjusting the setting backward and forwards. Next, unplug all your appliances, unplug your thermostat and plug in your AC unit. Remove or cover any metal objects touching the receptacle’s live wire if you have a GFI-protected outlet. If there is a fuse box, look for the white wires with red cushioning. If these are broken or cut, you will have to replace them with new ones.

  • Make sure the system’s power switches are on:

If you use an AC system with manual power controls, ensure the fan or auto-cooling power switches are turned on. You may have to press the buttons to turn them on or off. If you have a wall control, make sure it is plugged in securely and flipped to the ‘ON’ position.

  • Check the air Filter:

According to Chiang Rai Times, if your filter is dirty or clogged with debris, then even after being turned on, it won’t work. Clean the filter to see if it works.

You will find the filter in your return ductwork, near the outdoor unit, or inside your home. Next, you must check to ensure that it isn’t full of dust and debris. Ensure that all returns and vents are free of furniture and other items blocking them from pulling in fresh air from outside.

However, if nothing works, you need to call in experts who offer services like Sunset Heating & Cooling near Portland. They have the right equipment and skills to diagnose problems and make sure that the AC is fixed immediately.

Timely AC repair and maintenance keep the device in good form. Make sure that you take adequate care of the AC if you want to make the most of it.


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