Artificial Turf Installation: How, What, Where, and When

What is Artificial Turf?

Beautifying your home should be your first priority. A beautiful landscape can only enhance the mood of the home – thus setting the right tone. Artificial turf often brings in calmness, along with the needed prosperity. Artificial Turf Installation ensures that the beauty of your home is accentuated, and this makes your nerves settle down too.


Where should we start the artificial turf installation?

The location of the artificial turf is crucial when it comes to adding the extra layer of beauty. It is an integral part of the home décor – and where it is placed, determines how your home will be showered the beauty.

Some of the places where Artificial Turf Installation looks beautiful include:

  1. Along the lines of the pavement, leading to your perch.
  2. Near the home of your pets, for them to rest.
  3. Installing Artificial Turf Around Pool to add an extra layer of beauty
  4. Indoors, near the windows, to add a little green.

The location of the artificial turf only adds true beauty. But if you are thinking you can get it done by yourself – you might need to think twice.

How to install the artificial turf?

Taking professional help from an artificial turf installation company will make your work easier. They take care of the setting, and the proper surroundings, to accentuate the beauty of your home.

When should we install the artificial turf?

The right time to install artificial turf is the fall season. It should be installed keeping in mind the spring & summer seasons. From December, through February, installation is smoother – as the cold weather helps the contractors as well.

What is present under the artificial turf?

One of the major problems that might happen with artificial turf is weed growth. To prevent it, geotextile membranes are added – which act as mesh, to prevent weed outgrowth.

Having proper draining becomes crucial if the turf is present on the outside of your home – after all, you don’t want your turf to be clogged.

It is at this time, that gravel is crushed, and a bed-rock layer is created for proper drainage of the rainwater.

Astro-Cushions come in handy when you are making the turf on the patio or concrete. It makes the surface smooth and soft, making it suitable for the kids to play on top of the turf. Being porous, the moisture gets absorbed, which improves the drainage system too.

It is also recommended if you have pets on your lawn. Having a hard surface makes it difficult for pets to move around. Hence, the Astro-Cushion only makes it smoother for the children and pets to play around.

Is Artificial Turf & Artificial Grass Same? 

The short answer to it is No. Artificial Grass is longer – compared to artificial turf. Turf is the shorter sports grass, which is more tolerant to rough usage. Thus, it makes them the right one to be used at the home. Artificial Grass is more on the looks side, but durability is in question – in this case.

Now, improve the home aesthetic with artificial turf installed in your home, right now!


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