Artwork Decor Ideas- Soothing Colors and Tones to Set the Mood Right!

Let us ask you a simple question! How do you bring colors to your home? By painting the wall, by adding the colorful curtains or rugs, or whatnot! But does any of this way can beat the power of hanging paintings or artworks to walls? No! It significantly impacts the atmosphere of the room. At the end of the day, you will surely feel more peaceful and calm. Now the question is – Which paintings to opt for? If you are unsure about this aspect, then you have come up at the right place. We have some amazing suggestions to bring the artist out from you. With these, you can make your house dressed up like a paradise. So without much delay, let us find out the artwork decor ideas that you can transform your space.



Abstract artwork

Abstract artwork means using shapes, colors, or figures to represent creativity. It is the form of contemporary art that gained popularity in the early 1900s. It became the focal point of modern art. This form does not have any visual reference.

According to the audience, all the paintings in this genre have different meanings for everyone. It all depends upon the viewers to define it. Hence, the umbrella term for it is – “non-representational” or “geometric abstraction”.

A bold painting in the abstract form creates the focal point to your house. You can hang it in the living room or even hang it above the bed.

A touch of nature

With the hectic work schedules nowadays, we are drifting away from nature. So, as a relief from a tiring routine, you can employ a painting related to nature at your home. You can incorporate a large wall art containing scenes of nature. It could include –

  • Natural landscapes paintings of lakes or waterfalls.
  • Shots of the beach or colorful tropical prints.

If you like any particular flower, then you can bring a painting of that. For instance – sunflowers, classic roses, etc. It will spruce up the entire room. It is an apt choice for a classic living room.

Apply these ideas, and you will never regret them.

Enhance it with sculpture

Do you think that sculptures are meant only for museums and art galleries? But it is not the case. It is like a welcome addition to your home. You can place it on a shelf or table. Moreover, suspending it from the ceiling also gives a good look. Before getting the one, there are few things to keep in mind.

The foremost is the location. Put it in a place where people can look at it from all sides. It should not obstruct walking or other activities. If the sculpture is smaller, then you can place it on a table or shelf. If it is large, then there is no better option than placing it in the center of a room. You can also place it in the exteriors like patio or lawn to catch the eye of the visitors.

Choosing the right pedestal is yet another factor to look into.

Sprucing it up with photography

Are your walls calling out for some fun décor? Don’t worry! You can furnish them with style. How? By enhancing the appeal of the walls with the photo art. You can select it from different themes. Let us talk about some of them –

  • Black and white theme – It gives a classy look to the photo wall. Select your favorite photographs and get them printed in black and white. You can also frame these or order them from an online art gallery.
  • Chalkboard gallery wall – Order your lovely photographs and stick them to the walls. After sticking it, draw a frame around every photo. Try to decorate the photos with notes or drawings. Spruce it up in whatever way you want. The options are countless.
  • Tape frames – As now you are done with sticking the beautiful photography on the wall, you can enhance its display with colorful tapes. Using these tapes for beautiful frames will give a whole new look to your house.

We have filled you with some of the amazing painting ideas that you can follow. And according to, the ideas are not just limited to the ones mentioned above. You can also choose from portraiture, fine arts, or modern arts.

But why should one go with that? Why are we stressing so much on enhancing the look of your home with artworks?  Are you up to know the reasons! Then let us get started with it!

It is an investment 

Adorning your house with paintings is an investment. Purchase the best quality ones from established artists. There are high chances that after 5-7 years, its value will appreciate. Hence, it is not only a good option to augment the aesthetics of your house but also a good financial investment.

Instills life in a room

It is a well-known fact that machine-made items have filled our spaces. In this scenario, bringing something as paintings definitely spark up the whole environment of the room. It freshens your mood and provides finishing touches to it.

It is the perfect mode of expression. Why? Because it tells a story. And if you are a lover of paintings, then it is the best method to speak volumes about yourself. Painting gives words to your feelings.

Hence, it is not wrong to say that painting imparts life to your house.

It comes with no expiry date

Do you ever get bored of paintings? Of Course not! Furniture gets outdated, clothes become old and tear apart, automobiles break down, but the thing that lives on for generations is the painting. It beautifully reflects its unique story to everyone who comes across it.

Brings positivity to the youngsters or children

There are many things to stress over to. But the one thing that works as a cool breeze in the daily hustle bustle is the art and paintings. It brings a sense of positivity and calmness to everyone, especially to the young minds. Your perception of looking towards life changes. So, you can add it to your abode without thinking much.

To sum it all up

If you think that your options are limited or if you just stop with wall color and furnishings, then you might need to think again. Using art to create an enthralling ambiance cannot be neglected. Select the right piece according to your story or something that is like magic to your eyes. At last, all we want to say is that every canvas has a journey of its own. So build yours with the splash of colors!


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