Baby Essentials: How To Properly Take Care Of A Toddler

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Caring for a toddler is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also be quite challenging. Your child begins to develop their personality and slowly transitions to independence. In order to achieve this successfully, they need a lot of attention and guidance on your part. Here is how to properly care for your toddler and provide them everything they need to overcome their challenges.



Establish a Basic Routine

When a child begins to develop a firm resolve for becoming independent, all of your daily activities become a little more difficult to accomplish. However, you should make a point of establishing a consistent schedule they can get accustomed to.

As they learn the routine, they will begin to understand that with independence, there also come responsibilities. Yes, they can help get themselves dressed – but it should be done by a certain time. You can motivate them by turning each task into a fun game, and they will be guaranteed to look forward to playing instead of resisting.


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Take Care of their Hygiene

Toddlers usually love to take baths, but some children may begin to fear being submerged. Wash their hair by rinsing it in a sitting position – up until they learn how to do it themselves. Similarly, you should teach them how to lather soap and rinse to wash, beginning with a hand wash after meals and potty.

Use only a mild shampoo to soothe their sensitive skin and a washcloth or towel they are comfortable with. Trimming their nails can also become a hassle at this age, so you should make them understand it’s perfectly safe by using your own nails as an example.

Make Sure They Sleep Well

Children over the age of one still need 12-14 hours of sleep, including their daytime naps. By this time, they usually develop a pretty consistent sleep schedule, which ensures their sleep quality. Unfortunately, between the ages of 1-3, toddlers are often switched to a different mattress or bed, which disrupts their sleep patterns.

They also begin to realize they are missing out on bonding time with family and will resist going to bed as much as they can. If you are having trouble putting them to bed, enrolling in toddler sleep programs can help you understand their needs so you can improve their sleep quality.

Having a better understanding of their needs is important because although they can communicate with you somehow, they still cannot verbalize all their thoughts or feelings. So whether you need to change your bedtime routine or limit the number of toys around the child, trained professionals can help you figure out the solution.


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Tips For Potty Training

Teach your child the basic function of a potty and encourage them to tell you when they need to go. Take them with you when you need to go and explain to them what you are doing. When they begin to ask to go themselves, go with them and keep them company.

Praise them for asking and going when needed and staying dry until then. It’s also a good idea to begin dressing them in clothes they can easily pull down by themselves to make undressing faster.

Introduce New Food Slowly

If you still have a 6-month-old baby you can now start to feed your child with solid foods. Friso Vietnam will give you detailed guidance on how to feed your little ones. One of the best traits of toddlers is their curiosity – something you can use to your advantage when introducing your child to solid food. Give them plenty of fruit and veggies to try, along with milk products, rice, cereal, and pasta. Once they are accustomed to the texture of these items, you can slowly add eggs, legumes, and meat to the menu as well.

They may not like everything, and if they have an aversion to certain textures, you shouldn’t force them to try. Don’t forget to provide them plenty of water alongside each meal to aid their digestion.


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Buy Them Comfortable Clothes

A toddler will only wear clothes they feel entirely comfortable in. So, if you want to avoid the struggle of constantly trying to prevent them from taking off their clothes, don’t buy fabrics they don’t like. They will also start to pick out some of the clothes they want to wear, experimenting with all kinds of silly combinations.

This is also natural, and the only thing you should do is to buy items that don’t clash too much when the child decides to pair them together.



The level of care a toddler receives can have an enormous impact on their later development. For this reason, it’s crucial to pay attention to their basic needs. From selecting healthier food choices to helping them get to sleep, everything you do will benefit them. And, if you feel that you need help with any aspects of their care, don’t hesitate to ask for a piece of professional advice on the subject.

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