Basic Essential Cooking Tools Every Kitchen Needs

When it comes to the kitchen, we all think of beautiful marble countertops with copper frames hanging from the ceiling displaying all our beautiful utensils. There might even be a laminated floor leading to a coffee station and cupboards that hide everything from the ironing board to the refuse bin just to save some space. The bottom line is that we all think about the things that will make our lives convenient in the kitchen at a cost that we can afford. Often the price leads to having just the basics, so here is a list of what those basics are for every kitchen:



Over the years, the way we have cooked our food has changed dramatically, and the more convenient the cooking source, the better it is for everyone. Whether you are using gas or an electric stove, you will need to find one that works well with your budget and the space in your home. There is no point in having the latest stove if you have a shoebox for a kitchen, so consider smaller options.

The stoves you see on Caterline catering equipment ltd are made for larger cooking projects, so stress about not having the latest item if you are using it at home. However, the fact is that you need one of those for any meal, and in desperate times, it could double up as both a kettle and a geyser, so get searching for one that has quality and durability written all over its label.


Even if you were not keen on cooking any of your meals and wanted to eat them completely raw, you would still need someplace to store it so that it doesn’t go off because of the humidity in your home. Fridges are not just for keeping meat products or dairy, but some vegetables fare better in cooler environments than stored in a pantry.

Depending on the temperature in your home, the fridge is also where most medical advisors tell you to keep your medication as room temperature can also be too much for them, especially antibiotics. If you plan to keep the food edible before cooking, you will need to invest in one of these.


Essential Cooking Tools


Pots and pans

You don’t have to have the perfect set of pots and pans, but you need to have more than one. To be utterly meticulous about the items you have in your kitchen would be slightly overbearing if you are not a professional chef, but having the bare minimum cuts your cooking time down because you won’t be using the same item for five different meals.


A good set of knives and a large cutting board to cut your food with before cooking goes a long way. You might be tempted to go the cheaper route and just get the items you think you need for now, but you will need to replace them in a few months, and finding that out might be the hard way. Also, blunt knives put extra strain on you to cook, and you might find yourself struggling with one that eventually leads to an accident because of the straining.

Sharper blades get the job done faster, and they help you cut off the exact portions you will need. You will also need a good set of serving utensils for food like soup, pasta, or eggs. You can get them in handy sets where they group the bare minimum for you.

Serving dishes

A dinner set with the standard set of crockery in it will go a long way for you to serve the best meals. Not everyone does a full four to a seven-course meal, so focus on a few things. Y will need the basic crockery to eat out of, a serving platter or two for large garden salads or meat, and large serving bowls that you can put pasta or rice and other foods into to serve guests.


If you plan on serving teas and coffees after you have made your dinner or you are serving it with your meals, then a good kettle will be a good buy. Look for kettles that are long-lasting and with good reviews online as they seem to break faster than any other cooking tools. You can buy one in a specific size if you are always catering to larger groups or get a basic household one if you are only entertaining occasionally.

A kitchen can use many more things, but you might want to consider sticking to the ones you need and then moving onto the extra items for cosmetic reasons when you are starting. You can still cook a lovely home-cooked meal to [perfection without the overly decorative trimmings, and if you are starting a small catering business from scratch, you won’t need those trimmings for a long time while you are still setting up your space.

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