Bathroom Remodel vs. Renovation: Here’s What You Need to Know

While most people treat the words “renovation” and “remodeling” interchangeably, a professional contractor will tell you they mean very different things. When it comes to doing any variety of construction in a home, relying on a certified contractor is crucial for a successful project.

What are the differences between a bathroom remodel and a bathroom renovation? Let’s discuss the differences and decide which one fits the project at hand best.

Bathroom Renovations vs. Remodeling

For the most part, the two are pretty similar. When choosing between renovating or remodeling, the extent of changes planned for the bathroom is an important consideration. When deciding whether renovating or remodeling a bathroom is the better choice, consider the look, design, and layout of the intended project.

Remodeling a bathroom will require the homeowner to focus on what’s already in the bathroom, including vanities, fixtures, shelves, shower space, toilet, and selecting frameless shower door hardware options. Remodeling a bathroom will change the interior space inside the bathroom, not its overall size.

Renovating a bathroom can involve changing the shape and size of the room. Changing the bathroom walls, removing or building shelf space, adding or upgrading a shower, and anything else that can alter the shape of the original bathroom will be considered renovations.

If the project requires the bathroom’s elements to be removed or altered, it’s a renovation. If the changes are purely cosmetic with little or no construction required, it’s a remodel. Knowing this distinction can help a homeowner improve their project’s quality and lessen the stress involved.


Bathroom Remodel vs. Renovation: Here's What You Need to Know


Reasons to Use a Contractor

Knowing what type of project is vital, but also knowing whether a contractor is necessary for the project is important too. Any construction project can involve the risk of injury, making it crucial to rely on a professional when major construction is involved.

Always rely on a professional contractor when construction work is necessary for a home. A professional contractor will have the experience and tools required to complete the project safely. They will also have the licensing and insurance to cover any issues that may arise during construction.

When finding a professional contractor, always rely on free estimates to help narrow down which contractor is best for the project. Free estimates also help keep the project within the homeowner’s chosen budget.

A contractor will not start a bathroom remodel or renovation project without showing proof of insurance first. Always ask for proof of insurance if the contractor does not show it before starting any work in the home.


Bathroom Remodel vs. Renovation: Here's What You Need to Know


Finding a Contractor

Many contractors rely on a good reputation for their businesses. The better their reputation, the more people will consider choosing them for their construction needs. Check customer reviews for a better idea of how reputable the contractor is. They can tell a homeowner what to expect when dealing with the contractor.

Dealing with any home construction project can be stressful. Relying on a professional contractor’s help can save both time and frustration. Call a local contractor for a free estimate to get started.


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